Women must do these things in time after sex!

Women must do these things in time after sex!

1. Women urinate in time
Women have a special physiological structure. The urethra is short and straight. During sex, bacteria can easily enter the urethra retrogradely, thus inducing cystitis and urethritis. Therefore, women should urinate in time after sex to flush the urethra and avoid infection.

2. Take a bath
During sex, the body will secrete sweat and secretions. Many people want to take a shower immediately after sex, but this is wrong, especially for patients with cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease. If they take a shower immediately after sex, may cause myocardial infarction or stroke. Everyone should take a short rest and take a shower with warm water while ensuring that the sweat on the body is dried. It is worth reminding that women’s private parts have a self-cleaning function and have their own flora environment to maintain acid-base balance. There is no need to use lotion to clean the private parts, just wash them directly with warm water.

3. Drink a cup of warm water
Having sex once is equivalent to doing a moderate-intensity exercise, which is bound to consume corresponding energy. However, tissue and organ metabolism requires a large amount of water to maintain vigorous metabolism. Therefore, you should drink a cup of warm water after sex to replenish the water the body lacks. Thereby promoting metabolism. But do not drink iced drinks or cold water to avoid irritating the gastrointestinal tract and causing abdominal pain and diarrhea.


Kind tips

Don’t sleep immediately after sex

After sex, people generally feel tired, so many people like to sleep, thinking that this can eliminate fatigue. In fact, on the contrary, sleeping immediately after sex will not only cause women's discomfort, but men's fatigue after ejaculation will also last until the next day.

Usually, when couples have sex, the human body's sympathetic nerves are tense and various hormones, especially sex hormones, are secreted vigorously.

At this time, the sexual organs of both parties are not only in a state of high congestion, but also from the sexual excitement stage to the climax stage. Many tissues of the body are also involved in special physiological processes such as accelerated heartbeat, rising blood pressure, accelerated breathing, dilation of blood vessels in the skin of the whole body, and increased sweating. Therefore, in this process, the body's energy consumption increases significantly and metabolism is enhanced.

It is recommended that everyone rest for 20-30 minutes after sex. While the nervous system tension has not completely relaxed, you can do other things, such as stretching the body and watching TV. This can keep the nervous system moderately tense and avoid complete relaxation. Going to bed after a little activity can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also reduce fatigue and help restore mental and physical strength the next day.
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