Why do boys always like to talk dirty during sex?

Why do boys always like to talk dirty during sex?

Normally, when two people are having sex, they are enjoying the pleasure of each other's bodies to the fullest. However, some people like to talk dirty during sex. Why?

Dirty talk, as the name suggests, is unclean words that do not conform to cultural and moral norms. Typically, we use swear words when we are extremely angry.
But in fact, when we are extremely excited, we also swear. During sex, when two people are deeply in love, many people will talk dirty, and the more they talk, the more excited they become. It was as if the dirty words were like a beautiful musical melody matching the two people's dance, and the two complemented each other.

However, we must be clear that the dirty words we are talking about here are not personal attacks or personality attacks, but refer to a kind of shameful language that can arouse the other party's lust.

Daryl Cioffi, a researcher in sexual psychology and neuropsychology, once concluded: "Dirty talk during sex is very enjoyable because it activates relevant areas in your brain while your body is stimulated. And the dirtier the better. .”

There is a sentence in a world-renowned sexology book - "Mocking and even obscene humor and "dirty words" will stimulate people's sexual desire."

Of course, many people actually have misunderstandings about dirty talk. They think that only rough, straightforward, and simple dirty talk is dirty talk. But in fact, there are many types of dirty talk, including tactful, straightforward, stimulating, suggestive, etc. You must know that appropriate "dirty words" can not only enhance the arousal effect, but also be a low-cost and high-efficiency foreplay in bed, making the sex life experience better. It can be called a sex skill!


So why do dirty words produce stronger pleasure in sexual life?

1. From a physiological point of view, there is no difference between dirty talk and ordinary language expressions. It is just that people's sense of civilization will not allow dirty talk to be uttered. Dirty talk can allow people to break their daily constraints and bring a sense of taboo and contrast. A linguist from Stockholm University who specializes in dirty talk once gave such a definition: The essence of dirty talk is to break taboos.

Dirty talk during sex is generally very arousing and invasive, with a strong sense of taboo, so it can make people excited and give them the joy of breaking through the constraints. An article published in the journal Hormone Research shows that when people cross these cultural taboos, their brains produce significant increases in testosterone, a hormone that often increases sexual desire.

2. Awakening by sound. As said in sexual psychology, the sexual arousal conveyed through the ears is numerous and powerful, and its degree is higher than what we usually imagine. For some people, hearing arouses desires far more than physical contact, and verbal communication itself is a way to promote emotions. For example, during sex, girls will use the frequency of their voices to convey their feelings to each other. At the same time, boys can also use the girl's voice to judge whether the other person is satisfied. Sound is as powerful in modulating sexual arousal as sight and physical contact.

3. Activates the brain’s excitatory response. The brain is the most "sexy" part of the body. It is a more advanced "sexual organ" than the genitals. It is the source of sexual desire. A large number of studies have shown that there is an existence in the brain that occupies a small area but has a very high status - the insula.

The insula is the birthplace of many feelings and emotions and is also known as the emotional control center of the brain. Dirty talk during sex is very enjoyable because it can activate relevant areas in your brain while your body is aroused, and the dirtier the better. In some scenes, when the insula is activated by dirty talk, it will respond accordingly, thus achieving a better effect and making your heart beat faster.

There is also a word called intracranial orgasm, which refers to the unique and pleasant pleasure produced in the skull, scalp, back or other parts of the body through the awakening of the human body through vision, hearing, touch, smell and other senses. This also shows that some people can reach orgasm through mere verbal arousal without any organ contact.

However, not all "dirty words" are suitable to be said during sex. Some techniques need to be paid attention to and some pitfalls should be avoided:

1. Communicate in advance. No matter how dirty talk is said, it is based on mutual liking of both parties. It is best to communicate with the other party before talking to see if the other party accepts it. If the other party says you can't accept it, don't try it, because it may make the other party feel uncomfortable or offended, and even the feelings of both parties will be hurt.

After all, different people have completely different expectations and acceptance levels for dirty talk. Some people may like it, but some people may find it an "insult."

2. Don’t hurt other people with your voice. Although dirty talk is dirty, dirty talk during sex is not harmful in nature. Therefore, do not cause harm when talking dirty talk. For example, do not take this opportunity to vent your dissatisfaction, do not laugh at the other person's figure, do not compare the other person with others, etc.

3. A little trick, you can use more sensory descriptions to enhance the power of dirty talk. For example, you can describe it around vision, touch, smell, hearing, etc., which will make it easier for both parties to have the excitement of breaking taboos.

Sex is not only a physical pleasure, but also an expression of love and emotion.
Sex is the glue of the intimate relationship between partners, a harmonious sex life is the basis of a harmonious relationship, and harmonious communication is the basis of a harmonious sex life.

To sum up, swearing during sex is not a necessary behavior for everyone. For many people, swearing can even be stressful and insecure. During sex, we should respect and listen to our own and each other's feelings, reach a consensus with each other, and establish an equal communication and trust relationship.

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