What is edging?

What is edging?

Edging is a method of controlling orgasm. It refers to deliberately stopping or slowing down stimulation when oneself (or a partner) is about to reach climax, and then giving greater stimulation after the excitement level is slightly reduced, wandering back and forth. , keeping the body on the edge of orgasm until it can no longer bear it, then crossing the critical point to achieve orgasm, enhance sexual experience, and effectively prolong the pleasure of orgasm.

If you often feel that your climax time is too short and you still feel that you are not done yet, then you must try this method called "edging", which can help you prolong the pleasure of orgasm.

This is like when riding a roller coaster. Usually you don't go down immediately when you reach the top. Instead, you slowly rise, then stop at the top for a while, and then suddenly drop when you least expect it.

In this case, the pleasure will be more intense, and in addition to physical enjoyment, psychological pleasure will also be enhanced. Wanting but not getting it will make people want to pursue pleasure more, and thus become more focused and devoted to sex itself. , and when you finally get it, you will be more psychologically satisfied than an ordinary climax.

This method is also applicable to BDSM gameplay. The dom controls the sexual stimulation of the sub, making the sub want to climax but unable to achieve it, and satisfy the desires of both parties at the same time.

Generally speaking, it takes more time for girls to reach orgasm than for boys. Therefore, when boys reach orgasm faster and girls cannot satisfy it, you can try edging to extend the time it takes for boys to reach orgasm.


How to do it?

1. Understand your body: First of all, you need to have a deep understanding of your body and sexual reactions, and clearly know your reaction when orgasm is approaching. Know your sensitive areas and understand your physiological reactions when you are sexually aroused.

2. Establish a sexual response scale: You can establish a sexual response scale, which corresponds to different levels of sexual excitement from 1 (not excited at all) to 10 (orgasm). Then observe how your sexual response gradually escalates from 1 to 10 during masturbation or sex, and the physical sensations corresponding to different levels.

3. Edge control practice: During masturbation or sex, start practicing edge control. When the sexual response reaches 7 or 8, start to deliberately slow down the rhythm of stimulation, or stop stimulation completely and let the body drop back to 5 or 6. Then increase sexual stimulation again, and when it reaches 7 or 8, decrease it again. Repeat this process, allowing your body to swing back and forth between high and moderate arousal.

4. Extend the time of edge control: With the practice of edge control, you will find that you can better control your sexual response and can stay on the edge of high excitement for a longer time. At this time, you can try to last longer at level 7 or 8 to exercise your edge control capabilities.

5. Try a variety of stimulation methods: In addition to controlling your sexual response by changing the speed and intensity of stimulation, you can also try different stimulation methods, such as using sex toys.

Be careful not to ignore or over-suppress your own needs when performing orgasm edge control, follow your own rhythm, and face your own feelings.

If you want to try edging, it is recommended to start with masturbation first. After you are proficient in this technique, you can try it with your partner. It is not possible to do it successfully in one go. It is recommended to practice more and stay patient.
Of course, this method varies from person to person and is not suitable for everyone. If you don’t like this method after trying it, don’t force it.

Orgasm edge control not only enhances your sexual experience and prolongs your orgasm, but it also has many other benefits. For example, for men with premature ejaculation, orgasm edge control exercises can help them learn to control ejaculation and improve the condition of premature ejaculation. For women, it can improve sexual response, enhance sexual pleasure, and help achieve multiple orgasms. In addition, orgasm edge control is also a sexual art that can increase the interaction and interest between couples.
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