Why are condoms not black?

Why are condoms not black?

There are more and more condoms on the market. Regardless of style, size, brand, or color, as long as you want it, there is basically nothing you can’t buy.
Although there are various condoms on the market, many people wonder why there are no black condoms? Today we will talk about this topic.

Why are there no black condoms?

First of all, let me explain that condoms are available in black, but there are few channels for purchasing them, and manufacturers generally don’t sell them very much.
Condoms are generally light-colored, such as pink, light yellow, white, or colorless. Why black is not often seen is mainly due to the following reasons:

1. Black makes objects feel like they are shrinking.
Black condoms can also make your penis look smaller. For most boys, they probably want to get bigger, which is not an ideal situation.
2. Black looks calmer.
Black is a cool color and gives people a serious feeling. Therefore, when we see black condoms, we will have a depressing and dull feeling, which inhibits the secretion of hormones and dopamine in the brain, which is not conducive to stimulating sexual desire.
3. It is not conducive to observing the status of semen
If you use a light-colored or transparent condom, you can observe the health of the semen after use. But black condoms will cover up many problems~
Now let’s do some popular science. How to judge whether semen is normal?

How to determine whether semen is abnormal?

1. Color
Generally speaking, normal semen colors are off-white, milky white, and slightly yellow. The proportion of components in semen is different, and the color may be dark or light. Yellow semen may just be caused by not having sex for a long time, but if it is also accompanied by a foul odor, it may be an infection. If the semen is pink, red, etc., you need to seek medical attention immediately!
2. Smell
Normal semen should have a slightly fishy smell, similar to a light heather smell. If the semen has a distinct odor or is tasteless, it is abnormal and you need to seek medical attention immediately.
3.Semen volume
According to the World Health Organization's "Experimental Manual for Examination and Processing of Human Semen (5th Edition)": The normal amount of semen discharged by a healthy male at one time is about 1.5~6.8ml. If it exceeds 8 ml or is less than 1 ml for a long time, it should be taken seriously, because too much or too little semen will interfere with conception and is not conducive to fertility.
Therefore, if there are any special circumstances, transparent or light-colored condoms are easier to observe, while black condoms may delay treatment.

Are black condoms safe?

1. Compared with transparent condoms, you need to be more careful when using black condoms! Because the black color makes it difficult to see whether the condom is damaged, many boys like to tear open the condom package with their teeth, but this can easily cause the condom to be damaged. Likewise, sharp nails and scissors can cause condoms to break. However, if the condom is black, it is not easy to detect that the condom is damaged, thus increasing safety risks.
2. Brown condoms are easier to wear backwards. When the light is not bright, and some boys are anxious, it is easy to wear condoms backwards. Because the outside of a condom usually has a lubricating coating, but the inside does not have a lubricating coating to prevent it from falling off, so wearing the condom backwards increases the risk of falling off.
3. If stored improperly, black condoms are more likely to be scrapped. Condoms should be placed in a dry, dark, and private place. If they are placed in an overheated environment, the lifespan of the condom will be reduced. But many big men are also careless and leave them everywhere. Black is easy to absorb heat, so if it is placed in a humid or strong light environment, it will dry out and become brittle more easily.

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