Can girls use pillows during sex to really increase pleasure?

Can girls use pillows during sex to really increase pleasure?

There is a plot in a certain TV series where a mother reminds the protagonist to put a pillow under the girl's waist during sex. What's the point?
youngwill will take you to find out.

01. Scientific basis
Medical experts said that due to the special structure of a woman's vagina, it is slightly tilted backward from bottom to top. When lying down, the backward tilt angle makes it relatively difficult for the penis to enter.
At this time, placing a pillow under the girl's buttocks can flatten the angle of the backward inclined passage, and the penis will enter more smoothly and deeper, and the experience of both parties will be better.
02. How to use pillows
If she is lying on her back on the bed, you can put a pillow under her buttocks (if her waist-to-hip ratio is particularly perfect, you can also put a slightly thinner pillow under her waist, so that she will be more comfortable and more comfortable. (Effortless effort), then adjust the posture of her legs, slowly bend them up and then open them slightly...
If she is lying on her stomach, the pillow should be placed under her lower abdomen. You can also add a quilt or blanket under her to make her more comfortable.
03. Time to put pillows on
Pillows are not necessary at the beginning, especially during the foreplay stage. Wait until her body is in the right state, then start padding until it’s over...
If you are preparing for pregnancy, you can leave it on for a longer time, and you can remove it about an hour after the end~
04. Height of pillow
It should be noted here that the higher is not the better, as too high will waste her energy; it should not be too flat, too flat will have no effect. It is best to have the height of a hotel pillow, which not only saves her energy, but also makes the visual effect more stunning and makes the two of them more compatible!

Of course, if you are not sure about the comfort and height of the tool, you can also buy a special pillow for sex, which is suitable for a variety of positions and has just the right height and comfort. Youngwill has a special pillow that is made of high-quality materials and is specially developed for adults. It has been tested by many customers and the results are all satisfactory, and it can meet your various needs. There is a discount when buying now!

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