I orgasmed during exercise, is this normal?

I orgasmed during exercise, is this normal?

Have you ever felt a sudden numbness in your body while exercising? Or do you feel an inexplicable feeling of excitement in your body after your fitness reaches a certain intensity?
Yes, this situation is the core climax. In medicine, core orgasm is also known as exercise-induced orgasm or exercise-induced sexual pleasure.

01. What is the core climax?
Core orgasm refers to the orgasm-like pleasure that occurs when performing certain core movements or exercises.
This feeling usually occurs when performing core muscle group exercises, such as abdominal muscle group training, especially when the intensity is high and the duration is long. Core orgasms are not usually accompanied by highs and lows of sexual desire, but are a normal physiological response of the body.

02. Reasons for core climax
At present, the scientific community has not determined the cause of core climax, but there are several possible explanations:
① Physiological reactions caused by exercise: When performing high-intensity core muscle exercises, it may cause the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, so the body will have an orgasm-like feeling.
② Neurotransmitter release: During orgasm, the body will release dopamine and other neurotransmitters, and these neurotransmitters will also be released during exercise. The production of these substances will put people in an exciting and comfortable feeling, similar to orgasm or Sexual pleasure.
③ Individual differences in body response: Everyone's body responds differently to exercise. Some people may easily experience an orgasm-like feeling during fitness, while some may not.

03. How to deal with core climax
Core orgasm is a normal physiological response and does not affect physical health. However, for some people, this feeling can be bothersome or embarrassing. Here are some suggestions for coping with core orgasms:
① Relax your mind: First of all, you must understand that core orgasm is a normal physiological phenomenon, and there is no need to be overly entangled or anxious.
② Adjust exercise intensity: If core climax occurs during a specific exercise, you can moderately adjust exercise intensity or choose other types of exercise.
③ Change the exercise environment: If core orgasm bothers or embarrasses you, you can choose to exercise in a private place or join the training of a personal trainer to avoid this situation in public places.

Core orgasms are a rare but present phenomenon that occur during core exercises. Although the scientific community has not been able to explain the cause, it is generally believed to be caused by the physiological response caused by exercise and the release of neurotransmitters, so there is no need to worry too much.
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