Is fetishism a disease?

Is fetishism a disease?

Fetishism is a type of sexual preference disorder that manifests itself in the repeated collection of inanimate objects used by the opposite sex, driven by strong sexual desire and excitement, and the use of these objects to achieve sexual satisfaction. Such as women’s underwear, panties, high heels and other private items.

So how did this psychology come about? Can it be overcome?


What causes fetishes?

1. The influence of accidental events: The fetish behavior of most patients is initially caused by an accidental event, but after several repetitions, it becomes a pathological conditioned reflex. Sometimes just one profound impression can also cause a permanent psychological shadow. This kind of situation usually occurs in adolescence.

2. Psychological problems in adolescence: The fetishistic behavior of many patients is related to the influence of the social environment and sexual experiences in adolescence. In the middle and high school stages, boys and girls develop physiologically and develop sexual enlightenment. If there is no correct guidance, some teenagers will turn their sexual impulses to symbols of the opposite sex. After several repetitions, it becomes a habit.

3. Abnormal sexual and psychological development: Patients with fetishes generally have abnormal sexual and psychological development. Some patients are introverted and have low self-esteem in relationships between the sexes. The generation of sexual impulses causes strong anxiety, and then through psychological defense mechanisms, the target of sexual impulses is transferred to female products; some patients are not confident in their sexual function, so as to seek safer and easier-to-obtain sexual objects, and then use the opposite sex's personal items or certain parts of the body as substitutes for sexual organs to relieve inner uneasiness.

In addition, problems such as lack of sexual knowledge and misunderstandings about sex can also cause fetishistic behavior.

For fetishists, this is a state of fetish addiction that can cause great distress to themselves and those around them. Therefore, if such signs are found, treatment should be carried out in time, and treatment should not be delayed due to shyness or other reasons.


How to overcome a fetish?

First of all, if you want to overcome this bad habit, you must control not to base your conditioned reflex on objects of the opposite sex. Once you are excited by occasionally getting a foreign object, if repeated many times, it may become a habit;

Learn how to interact with the opposite sex correctly, do not reject the opposite sex, maintain normal interactions with the opposite sex, and overcome the influence of bad culture;

Learn scientific sexual knowledge, understand sex correctly, overcome ignorance and curiosity about sex, improve scientific sexual awareness, and avoid the formation of fetishes;

If you are unable to overcome it, you can use the guidance of a psychological counselor to understand the reasons for your morbid psychology, have a correct understanding of the disease, improve your determination and confidence in treatment, and achieve the purpose of treatment;

Through cognitive therapy, the patient is asked to recall the process of the disease. The counselor and the patient explore together to find out the root cause of the problem and formulate a practical plan to overcome this behavior;

Aversion therapy can also be used. When the patient has fetishistic thoughts, he will give himself a vicious stimulus, such as pinching his arm with his fingers to make himself feel pain, thus reminding himself to control this desire until the pathological behavior is completely eliminated.
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