Two very useful sex toys for girls

Two very useful sex toys for girls

Do you think that sex toys have no other purpose than providing orgasms?
If you think so, you are wrong. Please take a closer look at the two sex toys I will talk about today.

1. Vibrating eggs

A hundred years ago, if a woman wanted to stimulate her clitoris, she was obviously suffering from hysteria (in fact, it is a normal physiological need of women), and the only cure for this disease is to help patients stimulate their clitoris until their desires are satisfied. satisfy. Of course, the curative effect of a course of treatment is short-lived, so hysterical patients are repeat customers, and doctors also earn a lot of money from it.
Because they have to use their fingers to deal with hysteria of female patients, resulting in frequent finger cramps. The Tiaodan came into being to liberate the hands of doctors and entered every household, helping women control their bodies. It was not classified as a sex toy until the 1920s. After a lapse of time, the changes of Tiaodan are no longer the same, no matter in terms of shape, operation, and material selection, they are very particular. And there is also an APP model, which can be used with a partner, which is more interesting.

2. Shrinking ball

Many women who have a normal delivery will find a problem after giving birth. Their vagina is not as tight as it was before giving birth. At this time, many people will choose surgery or take medicine to solve this problem. However, vaginal reduction balls can help you deal with it. Shrinking balls are also called vaginal dumbbells, or vaginal yoga balls. It is a kind of exercise specially placed in the vagina to strengthen the sensitivity and flexibility of the vaginal wall and female sphincter. pleasure.
In short, it helps to tone your inner wall muscles while allowing you to orgasm faster.
It is best for pregnant women to use it 2-3 months after delivery. Regular exercise can help you regain your previous firmness.

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