How much do you know about orgasms?

How much do you know about orgasms?

It can be said that orgasms, everyone has their own opinions, and it is estimated that many people even have their own unique skills, but women's orgasms are definitely not as simple as eating and drinking. How much do you know about orgasm, and do you know how long it lasts? Let us deepen our understanding of orgasm today.

The time it takes a woman to achieve orgasm is also very individual. The shortest only takes a minute or two, and the longest may take tens of minutes. This has a lot to do with the sexual excitement of women, but it is basically 15-30 minutes. In other words, in general, it takes women several times longer than men to reach orgasm. In this regard, we only need to look at the male and female response curves will be clear at a glance. For men, there is a short period of excitement first, and then enters a plateau period that lasts slightly longer, followed by a short period of orgasm and a relatively short extinction period; for women, the entire sexual response cycle lasts longer than men This includes a period of excitement with a slow rise in excitability, a longer plateau period, a brief orgasmic period, and a longer period of resolution. Only when people understand these physiological and psychological characteristics of men and women can they better adjust their sex life and make it more harmonious and perfect.

Orgasm feeling time
The duration of a woman's orgasm is generally the same as that of a man, about 4-6 seconds. However, due to individual differences, the duration of orgasm will also vary. Some women's orgasms are fleeting, while others' orgasms can last more than a dozen seconds or even minutes.

Intercourse skills are like weapons on the battlefield. Only the most suitable weapon can win the battle. The female top pose is the easiest posture for women to obtain pleasure and reach climax. The woman's upper pose is a posture in which women are on top. The master control of intercourse is in the hands of women, women can completely control the rhythm and angle of intercourse, and can make themselves orgasm faster. However, since this posture can easily cause dryness in women's private parts, it is best to apply human body lubricants before intercourse to relieve dryness.

Appropriately increase the time of foreplay
As mentioned above, the sexual induction cycle of women is very long, which requires more time for women to warm up. And foreplay is the premise for women to get stimulated and enter the state faster. Therefore, men should work hard on foreplay, increase caressing and kissing, and help women enter the state faster. Of course, when kissing and caressing, don't be too rigid, but be flexible. Caressing can not only caress a woman's face, shoulders, chest, abdomen, and even private parts; the same is true for kissing. You should use your mouth and tongue flexibly to stimulate women, get more pleasure, and better enter the state.

The kneading force is stronger
Women have many sensitive zones all over their bodies. Only when we grasp these sensitive zones and stimulate them can women enter the state faster and better. The most sensitive parts include the neck, nipples, abdomen, private parts, back, etc. By stimulating these parts, women can get pleasure and it is easier to achieve orgasm. We can also use some sex toys to achieve orgasm, such as vibrating eggs, vibrators and other toys can help women achieve orgasm.

The perfect sex is when both parties achieve an orgasm together. Still, we can't use orgasm as the only measure of perfect sex. Some women never have an orgasm in their entire lives. But as long as you feel the perfect enjoyment of physical and mental pleasure during intercourse, even if there is no orgasm, it is perfect sex.

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