Are you sure you will choose sex toys?

Are you sure you will choose sex toys?

There are all kinds of sex toys on the market, don't you know what to pay attention to when choosing a sex toy? The most detailed sex toy selection guide, let you buy sex toys without stepping on thunder!
Novices and seasoned alike will love these sex toys! Easier orgasm with sex gadgets with your partner!

If you want to increase the intimacy with your significant other, in addition to enjoying delicious food and taking pictures, prepare some sex gadgets. This freshness can make a simple evening romantic and passionate, and it can also strengthen the trust and intimacy between partners.
The well-known psychology website "Psychology Today" quoted Indiana University Bloomington's research, which means that those who have used sex toys with their partners are more satisfied with their sex life than those who have never used them. In addition, sex therapist Ian Kerner also pointed out in "The Guardian" that the mentality of using sex toys is an "auxiliary product" rather than a "substitute". He suggested that women can buy together with their partners to increase the interest between each other. So girls don't need to feel embarrassed and shy when buying sex toys. It can make your sex life more enjoyable and strengthen the physical and spiritual compatibility of your partner.


Sex Toy Recommendation 1: A Simple Vibrator for Beginners

If you've never used any sex toys, the simplest vibrators are for you. Novices can easily grasp their handles, just hold them lightly, and then place them on the clitoris to enjoy continuous and powerful vibrations.
The editor’s tip for novices is that before buying, you can put it on sensitive parts of the body, such as hands and neck, to test the vibration effect, so that you can ensure whether the strength is suitable for you, so as not to cause discomfort due to too strong strength, or the strength Too weak to be satisfied.

Sex toy recommendation 2: Clitoral stimulators for beginners and veterans

If you already know your body and your sensitivities very well, and you like the sensations of oral sex, then sucking vibrators are for you. Because its air vibration technology will produce a gentle sucking effect, just imitating the feeling of oral sex, and it only takes a few minutes to reach the orgasm. Whether you're "can be all alone" or enjoy foreplay with your partner, this clit sucker takes you to a whole new level of no-man's-land, try it and you'll love it!


Sex toy recommendation 3: Rabbit-shaped vibrator for veterans

The rabbit-shaped vibrator is also called a double-headed vibrator because it is designed like a rabbit ear. It is a sex toy designed to stimulate the vaginal G-spot and clitoris at the same time. The long ears are used for vaginal insertion, while the short ears are used for stimulation The clitoris, so girls can enjoy double pleasure.


Sex toy recommendation 4: ring vibrator for veterans or couples

After you have used sex toys, you will find that during sex, you suddenly want to get a sex toy, which really reduces the fun, just like men suddenly want to run to get a condom. As a result, sex toy companies have devised wearable vibrators, or rings, that a man can attach to his penis in the first place, stimulating the man's sensitive spots first, and then stimulating the woman's sensitive spots at the same time. You can enjoy continuous strong vibration anytime and anywhere, making the whole passionate night more perfect!
Some products can even be linked to the mobile phone program, you can control the vibration frequency through the remote control or the app, so that your partner can enjoy the private pleasure, and you can't stop at all!

Sex Toy Recommendation 5: Men’s Exclusive Sex Toys - Masturbation Cup

Taiwanese doctor Pan Junheng pointed out that if the first climax is reached during foreplay, it can prolong the time of making love between each other, and it is easier to enjoy the climax in the follow-up battle. If you think you are a master of sex, you might as well buy men's exclusive sex toys, let him enjoy the pleasure of masturbation, and get the first orgasm during sex at the same time. Dr. Poon pointed out that men like to appreciate women's "service" for them, so women must not think that masturbation cups can replace you, but men's masturbation devices can make men love you more!

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