The favorite sex toys of the twelve zodiac signs!

The favorite sex toys of the twelve zodiac signs!

The twelve zodiac signs all have different personalities, preferences and characteristics, and they also have different preferences for the choice of sex toys. If you don’t know what kind of sex toys you’ll like, take a look at this guide.

In this guide to selecting sex toys for the twelve zodiac signs, let youngwill help you find the sex toys that best suit your zodiac sign, help you narrow down your purchase range, and get more in touch with your astrological identity in the process.

Here, we've highlighted some good sex toys for your sign to try, depending on your personal preferences.


Ruled by Mars, you are a passionate fire sign who doesn't shy away from speaking directly (even if you come off a little fiercely). In your sexual life, you may like stimulating and challenging plots. You may also like SM binding suits, female telescopic vibrators, and anal plugs. SM binding suits can be said to be the most exciting choice. You can enjoy being violently treated by the other party during the process or treat each other violently, making your sex life full of passion; the telescopic vibrator not only vibrates, but also stretches, imitating real sexual intercourse movements, allowing you to enjoy your single life to the fullest.



Taurus knows that good things come to those who wait. That's why we recommend adding an erotic massage oil to your foreplay phase - this option smells great, goes right into the skin for a sensual massage, and the dopamine generated by the massage won't let you down. And in the main, choose a wearable toy (wearable toy for couples) that works just as well as a penis ring as a finger vibrator, can stimulate both men and women, and works in water (This must be an excellent toy for a bathing Taurus).



You need a toy that can keep up with your whims. Enter the flexible, versatile (Rabbit Vibrator), perfect for both internal or external use, can hit all sensitive spots, and is an excellent toy for anyone who is prone to changing their mind.



As a Cancer sign ruled by the maternal, emotional Moon, you are more in tune with your feelings than most, and you will also be particularly fond of toys that enhance intimacy, hoping to warm up your relationship with your partner through sex toys. Put on the SM blindfold, spin with your partner, and enjoy the sense of trust and delicious anticipation that comes with it. Whether partnered or solo, finger vibrators make every touch more exciting and encourage you to explore and take your time.



Regal, generous and magnetic, Leos like everything around them to be as good as they are given - so that means you expect to get all-encompassing joy from your toys. Toys that can bring powerful mixed orgasms are more in line with your expectations: such as the male prostate massager with penis ring, which stimulates the penis and prostate at the same time, allowing you to enjoy double orgasm; the female rabbit vibrator, which stimulates the clitoris and vagina at the same time, Enjoy the satisfaction of multiple orgasms both internally and externally.



If you know someone who has a quick fix or right answer for almost everything, then this person is probably a Virgo who wants the perfect solution to any problem and can do everything well. If you are a perfectionist, we strongly recommend that you pick up a sex pillow, because it can help couples find the perfect angle and accurately stimulate your sensitive points. With it, you can enjoy a perfect sex.



When your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, you know you have an eye for aesthetics. That’s why we recommend youngwill’s clitoral sucking vibrator, which looks adorable. But for you, it's not all about the looks, its sucking can transport you to another world entirely. If you are in a relationship, you can try the youngwill-wearable vibrator that can be remotely controlled and let your partner control your toys. This will not only increase the pleasure, but also make your relationship more intimate.



Scorpios can't resist a bit of intrigue, which can translate into some playful banter. The finger cuff vibrator tingles and tickles wherever you touch, waking up your entire body in preparation for what's to come (you can also add nipple clamps if you want to up the stimulation).



Spontaneity, your name is Sagittarius. Advocate freedom and not be restrained. If you're ready to have some fun but don't want to waste time fiddling with chargers or running to your bedside table, there are sex toys that are small and easy to carry. For example, with a remote-controlled vibrator, insert the remote-controlled wearable into your underwear and perform external massage anytime, anywhere, or use a remote-controlled vibrator or dildo in the bedroom and control it with the remote control to start at any time.



Industrious Earth shows that you prioritize efficiency in all areas of your life - without sacrificing quality. That's why the best sex toy for your sign is one that's well-made and hits the mark. For G-spot stimulation, that means choosing youngwill's powerful, alluring G-spot vibrator. Mimics the curvature of fingers, accurately stimulates the G-spot, is absolutely reliable and ensures effective results.



Perhaps the most innovative sign of the zodiac, Aquarius will definitely appreciate some versatility and futuristic advantages in their sex toys. APP vibrators are a good choice: they are similar to bullet vibrators, very effective in external stimulation, but can easily reach climax and massage the C-spot, and are APP controlled, full of technology and futuristic feeling.



Imaginative and prone to dreaming. Pisces, you could try a butt plug or a bullet vibrator - either way, it can inject some lovely pizzazz into your playtime and, thanks to its shape, will give you endless daydreams about vibrators.
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