Essential items for lesbian sex toy collection 01

Essential items for lesbian sex toy collection 01

The double-headed dildo is a sex toy specially designed for two-person play. It is very suitable for lesbian groups. It adopts a double-headed design and has an extra-long size, which is convenient for two people to use. It can also stimulate one person's vagina and anus at the same time. It helps both parties get satisfaction and pleasure.
Due to its unique design, the double-headed dragon can be conveniently used by two people and can also achieve sexual pleasure for one person. Both parties can feel the stimulation from the other person at the same time, thereby achieving more intense sexual pleasure, which is one of the reasons why double-headed phalluses are popular.

The two ends of a double-headed dildo are usually of different sizes and shapes, one end is large and the other is relatively small. However, both ends are very flexible and can be adapted to any position.
However, you should choose the appropriate size according to your own situation. Choosing one that is too large will cause discomfort and pain, and choosing one that is too small will also affect the experience.


What should you pay attention to when using it?

1. Wear condoms to avoid cross-infection.
2. Lubricate well. If you plan to stimulate the anus, be sure to lubricate it well. It is best to use water-based lubricant to apply on the double-ended penis and around the anus to make the process smoother and avoid damage.
3. Choose the appropriate posture: For novices, it is easier to try it when the whole body is relaxed and in a supine or lying position. For experienced users, sitting in a chair or squatting position allows you to better control the angle and depth of entry. Pay special attention to the angle when using it for two people!
4. Correct usage: Muscles need to be fully relaxed before anal insertion. Slow pushing and simple back-and-forth movements can be used during insertion to achieve the best results. Use your hands to properly control the speed and depth of entry so that the anus can adapt to the shape and size and avoid causing excessive damage. When you feel that your body can adapt, you can gradually increase the speed and depth and master the rhythm and usage skills of the double-headed dragon penis.

Compared with ordinary penises, double-headed dildos can better enhance the interaction between two people and meet emotional and physiological needs at the same time. You should also pay attention to the correct usage method to maximize the sexual pleasure of both parties and obtain a better sexual experience.
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