Popular science on labia shape||Do you know your private parts?

Popular science on labia shape||Do you know your private parts?

The labia are part of the female reproductive system. The labia can be divided into two types: the labia majora, which is located on the inside of the vulva, with pubic hair growing on the surface, and the labia minora, which are two relatively soft skins located on the inside of the labia majora.


The shape of the labia changes with age. In childhood, the labia are still tightly connected with a slight gap in the middle. After puberty, pubic hair begins to grow on the vulva. At this time, the inside of the labia is still smooth. As puberty begins, slightly raised dots will grow in the labia, called oil glands, which serve as lubricants for the vulva and are also protective guards for the reproductive system. And as we age, the labia majora will slowly cover the entire vulva, and its color will change in many ways, from close to skin color to darker or lighter.

Many girls don’t know much about the labia and have many doubts. They have also wondered whether their private parts are abnormal;
"Why are my labia so dark?"
"Why do my labia stick out so much?"
"Why are my labia different from others?"
"Why do I feel like there are so many little bumps around my vagina?" "
"My labia are a bit enlarged. Is there something wrong with me?"
"My labia are wrinkled, is that abnormal?"

In fact, the shape of each woman's labia is different. Just like there are no two identical leaves in the world, no woman's lower labia are exactly the same. Their shapes, colors, and sizes are all different. The size of the labia minora on both sides is also asymmetric. One petal is larger and one petal is smaller. Moreover, the characteristics of the labia majora and the labia minora are also different. Among many women, there are some special cases. In some women, the labia minora is larger than the labia majora. These are normal phenomena, as long as they do not affect the reproductive function and sexual life of women. . Most people's labia are healthy, they just have different shapes.
There are nearly 20 types of labia minora shapes. Today I will mainly introduce to you the more common ones.

1. Willow leaf-shaped labia minora

Willow leaf-shaped labia minora are like willow leaves formed on a willow tree. The upper width is slightly narrower, the middle is more normal, and the lower width is narrower than the upper width. It is basically the normal 2:3:1 ratio of the labia minora, and the overall color is pink. Tender, well-proportioned in size and shape.

2. Mini-shaped labia minora

Mini-shaped labia minora are exactly what they sound like: they are small, much smaller than the normal willow-shaped labia minora. Is it because it's so small because it's not fully developed? In fact, it is not the case. We see that the development of this type of labia minora is the same as normal in terms of color and folds.

But it also has relative advantages and disadvantages. The relative advantage is that it looks relatively small, and there is no problem of hypertrophy and bloat. The relative disadvantage is that it is too small. Compared with the normal standard labia minora, it gives people the feeling that they are not a normal mature woman. Combined with the labia majora, the labia majora is visually very bulging, while the labia minora is so small that it is almost invisible. This is what we call the mini-shaped labia minora.

3. Residual flag-shaped labia minora

The characteristic of this type of labia minora is that its edges are like flags blowing in the wind and are messy. Some are in the shape of strips, and some are in the shape of cords or lumps with irregular edges.

4. Annihilated labia minora

Its appearance is bare, the color, mucous membrane and skin are very tender, and it feels like there is no labia minora. Most causes are dysplasia of the labia minora due to abnormal gonadal development.


5. Butterfly-shaped labia minora

It is divided into upper-shaped, middle-shaped and lower-shaped. Its shape is like two butterfly wings, very large. For this type of enlarged labia minora, the friction between the edges on both sides is very serious, and the more friction the labia minora becomes, the thicker it becomes and the less sensitive it becomes.

The labia occupies an important position in the female genitals. It is like a two-layer portal that protects the health of the vaginal opening and urethral opening of women and reduces the chance of bacterial infection. In order to maintain the health of the labia, female friends should protect their health, pay more attention to the hygiene of their private parts, just clean them with water, and do not do anything to harm the labia.

As for the shape of the labia, it varies from person to person. There is no exact same shape, and there is no good or bad shape, as long as it is healthy!

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