How soon can I resume sex after giving birth?

How soon can I resume sex after giving birth?

The question of how long it takes to resume sexual life after giving birth needs to be determined based on individual circumstances. In most cases, after postpartum reexamination 6-8 weeks after delivery, sexual life can be carried out after the reproductive system returns to normal. If the recovery is not good, the time will be increased.

In terms of delivery method and postpartum recovery, sexual life can be resumed about 2 months after normal delivery and about 3 months after caesarean section.

Perineal wounds during normal delivery usually heal within 7 days after delivery, and the sutures can be removed at this time. Although the surface of the perineum has healed at this time, the deep muscle layer and fascia have not yet been repaired. It will take about 6-8 weeks to fully recover. Mothers who have given birth by caesarean section, if their uterus returns to normal and breastfeeding is normal after the operation, generally speaking, there is no big problem in having sex, but they must take contraceptive measures for a short period of time.

Condoms have little impact on the woman's body, and this method can be used to prevent pregnancy for a period of time after the surgery. In addition, it is best to have sex three months after surgery and after menstruation. Do not have sex in advance, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage.


The dangers of early sexual intercourse after childbirth

1. Affect uterine recovery and increase the chance of infection. After a woman gives birth, the damaged endometrium is in urgent need of repair, and the lochia in the uterus still remains and has not been completely discharged. If you have sex at this time, bacteria will enter the vagina through the male genitals and female perineum, which can cause pelvic inflammatory disease in women.

2. Pelvic congestion and decreased resistance. At the same time, under the stimulation of sexual intercourse, a woman's pelvic cavity will be congested without recovery, and her resistance to diseases will be reduced. In mild cases, infection may occur, and in severe cases, peritonitis or sepsis may occur, which is extremely detrimental to the health of the mother.


Things to note when having sex for the first time after giving birth

1. Pay attention to contraception. For most women, menstruation has not returned in time, but there is still a risk of ovulation. Therefore, if the couple has sexual intercourse, they must take effective contraceptive measures to avoid pregnancy again. Since menstruation has not fully recovered at this time, it is not reliable to use the safe period for contraception. Moreover, if there is an unplanned pregnancy, it will be very painful for the new mother, and it is very likely to affect breastfeeding, so it is very necessary to use contraception during the first sexual intercourse.

2. Pay special attention to hygiene before and after sex. Before sexual intercourse, both men and women must carefully clean their reproductive organs and vulva. In particular, the wife should rinse her lower body immediately after sexual intercourse to prevent bacterial infection.

3. Pay attention to the intensity of sexual life. The perineal wound will heal slowly 6 weeks after delivery, but the new tissue is still very immature, so when having sex, the man should pay more attention, move gently and avoid roughness.

4. Vaginal dryness may occur during sexual intercourse for the first time. Lactating women have extremely low levels of sex hormones and poor sexual desire, which results in less vaginal secretions, dryness and slipperiness. At the same time, it will take some time to restore the secretory function of the vulvar glands. Therefore, when having sex for the first time, a new mother may feel that her vagina is very dry and cannot have sex smoothly. If she encounters this situation, she can use a lubricant that is safe and harmless to the body to improve it.

5. Stop immediately if you feel any discomfort. If the husband has been very careful during intercourse and there has been a long period of foreplay, but the woman still feels pain all the time, it is best to consult a doctor. Some symptoms, such as lacerations or episiotomy sutures, can cause discomfort and require further treatment. At the same time, if you find that your vaginal secretions have a peculiar smell, it may be an infection and you should go to the hospital for treatment.

You should also pay attention to sexual life after caesarean section. Although caesarean section does not directly affect the vulva, it will leave large and deep wounds on the abdomen, and it will take longer to heal.
Therefore, it is best to start sexual life after a cesarean section after a menstrual period, which is about three months after delivery. ​

In addition, special attention should be paid to: Under normal circumstances, women will experience a period of postpartum sexual frigidity, but if a woman has low sexual desire for a long time, the couple should jointly find the cause of this situation and then prescribe the right medicine.

On the other hand, because pregnancy and childbirth cause vaginal muscles to relax, this will affect the quality of sexual life, and women gradually lose confidence in sexual life. In addition, there are still lochia residues in the body at this time, and women feel that their bodies are not clean enough, so they will refuse sex. So what if you want to improve your postpartum sex life? youngwill brings you some tips,

How to improve your postpartum sex life

1. Use lubricant. Usually during this period, the hormone levels in the woman's body are very low, and the vagina will be dry and dry. If the woman's perineum is sensitive, appropriate use of some lubricants will be beneficial to sexual life.

2. Attend a fitness class. New mothers can also participate in certain postpartum fitness classes and do some pelvic floor muscle exercises, which are helpful for the recovery of vaginal muscle elasticity.

3. Extend the foreplay time. When you feel you want to have sex for the first time, it is recommended not to start sex immediately. You can kiss or hug each other at the beginning, and then slowly transition to sexual touch to increase the time for sexual foreplay.

4. Choose the correct posture. When you start having sex, you should choose a suitable body position and generally do not press on the sensitive parts of a woman's body.

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