Popular science about female condoms

Popular science about female condoms

The most common condom around us is the male condom, but did you know? In addition to male condoms, there are also female condoms, so what do female condoms look like?

The female condom is made of soft, thin synthetic latex or latex and is worn inside the vagina to prevent semen from entering the uterus. The concept of using a male condom is close to that of a male condom, which is put on the male penis, and a female condom is put on the vaginal wall.

Female condoms generally have two ends, with a flexible ring at each end. The bottom of the condom is completely closed. The inner end should be placed on the cervix and will be close to the end of the vagina when used. The outer side should be placed on the vaginal opening. The outer ring is larger and thinner, which does not affect the pleasure of sexual intercourse and can also prevent the occurrence of various sexually transmitted diseases to the greatest extent.

Female condoms do not contain hormones, do not cause serious side effects, do not require regular use, and are suitable for most women. However, its price is usually higher and it has not been widely used yet.

But in theory, female condoms have a better protective effect and can protect the contact and friction between the root of the man's penis and the woman's vulva, further reducing the risk of disease transmission. When used correctly, the female condom is 95% effective. However, because users are prone to problems such as improper positioning and late placement, the actual effectiveness of this contraceptive measure is about 79%.


Instructions for use

1. Open the package and take out the female condom. Be careful not to pull the bag hard or open the bag with your teeth.

2. After opening the package, squeeze the small ring at the closed end and insert it into the vagina along the back wall of the vagina.

3. Find a comfortable position. Hold the outer, closed end of the condom and push the condom into the vagina with your index finger, a process similar to inserting a tampon.

4. Use your fingers to push the inner ring all the way in until it rests against the cervix. Condoms expand naturally and the user may sometimes not feel the condom's presence.

5. Make sure the condom is not twisted and deformed, leaving the outer ring outside the body and covering the vaginal opening.

6. Guide your partner’s penis into and open the female condom. During vaginal intercourse, if the user feels the penis slipping between the condom and the vaginal wall or the outer ring being pushed into the vagina, discontinue intercourse.

7. To remove, pinch and rotate the split ring and slowly pull it out of the vagina. The user twists the large ring to prevent semen from leaking out, then wraps it in toilet paper and throws the condom into the trash. Be careful not to reuse female condoms

The way to make a female condom more effective is to use it correctly. This requires wearing the female condom throughout sexual intercourse and ensuring that the female condom is placed in the vagina in the correct manner before the genitals come into contact.

It should be noted that when using condoms, male condoms and female condoms cannot be used at the same time. Please also pay attention when storing. Do not store it together with sharp objects. It may damage the use effect due to wear and tear, or even cause serious consequences if it is punctured. It is best to store it separately.

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