The longest sex period in the animal kingdom is a lifetime!

The longest sex period in the animal kingdom is a lifetime!

Reproduction is the purpose of all things from generation to generation, and it is an important reason why the world keeps running. In this diverse world, species diversity brings great differences, including the length of mating: the longest one lasts a lifetime, and the shortest one is only 0.3 seconds!

I believe many people are curious about which animals in the animal kingdom take the longest to mate?


1. Angler fish, also known as "pipa fish" or "electric fish"

They have the "cutest height difference" in the deep sea. The male fish is only about 10 centimeters long, while the female fish can reach about 1 meter, which is dozens of times longer than the male.

Such a small male anglerfish cannot survive independently in the deep sea. If he wants to survive, he must look for female anglerfish from birth and parasitize himself on her body to obtain nutrients.

In order to survive, more males have to parasitize the same female, so they are also typical of "polyandry". The largest number of males that scientists have ever found in a female is 8.

As they mate, the male attaches himself to her body and she slowly begins to absorb him into her flesh. By the end of mating, the male has essentially become a sperm pump organ suspended from the female's body, fertilizing her eggs for the rest of his life.

Essentially, he had a non-stop sex marathon with her for years until she finally died. In other words, their mating time actually begins the moment they heal!
Therefore, it has to be said that the anglerfish is the "strongest king" in terms of mating duration, because its mating duration is: a lifetime!


2. Broad-footed shrew-14 hours

This is a small marsupial that lives in Australia, called the broad-footed marsupial shrew. It looks like a mouse and is commonly known as a marsupial mouse. The males of this small, mouse-like species not only live for sex, they die for it.

After a brief 10-month period of childhood and adolescence, the male reaches sexual maturity and immediately enters an intense two-week mating season. High levels of male hormones cause them to lose their minds and mate desperately, without eating or drinking, sometimes for up to 14 hours.

The massive release of stress hormones during this period causes their immune systems to collapse, leading to infections, bleeding and death. This is why nearly all male slugs die every breeding season.


3. Pig - 20 minutes

Although the pig's mating time is not long, its orgasm time accounts for most of it. Pigs are one of the more intelligent creatures in nature. The evolution of nature has given them a small advantage in life, which is orgasm. Boars are considered to be one of the animals with the longest orgasm in the world.


4. Dog – 15 minutes

Dog mating lasts approximately 15 minutes. When a male dog and a female dog mate, the two dogs usually face their heads in opposite directions and their buttocks touch each other. We call this behavior "mating lock". During this period, the male dog's swollen genitals remained stuck in the female dog's body, making it difficult to pull them out. This also leads to the fact that when two dogs are mating, if you want to drive them away, the two dogs will run together and it is difficult to break away.


5. Cat – 2-3 minutes

Cats are famous "quick shooters" in nature. When mating, it can be completed in two or three minutes. But in order to increase the chance of conception, they mate often and multiple times. Female cats may be receptive to mating 5-10 minutes after mating.
When cats mate, the male cat will ride on the female cat's body and bite the back of the female cat's neck to prevent her from moving around and escaping. Because there are many barbs on the male cat's genitals, which are used to remove the "genetic material" of other male cats from the female cat's body, causing the female cat to be very painful during the mating process.


6. Bonobo – 13 seconds

Bonobos are short, philanthropic, peaceful and mate frequently. They are also the only animals that can feel the pleasure of mating, and are the only animals that can mate and kiss face to face. They even use sex to greet each other, apologize, and ask for extra food.

If they accidentally hurt other members of their species or step on their feet, bonobos will mate with each other to resolve the conflict.
This is a unique social method among the bonobo group, and all members can mate and contact each other very casually. Bonobos' mating has nothing to do with reproduction. They mate just for fun, so it has become a social skill among the group to help members of the group avoid conflicts, comfort each other, and build good relationships.


7. Duck – 0.3 seconds

When the male duck reaches the estrus period, he will stay around the female duck and wait for a long time. When he can't wait any longer, he will forcefully mate. Despite the long wait, the actual mating duration was only 0.3 seconds.
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