Four misunderstandings about sex toys

Four misunderstandings about sex toys

1. There were no sex toys in ancient times. Are they inventions of modern people?

Wrong, this is actually a very serious misunderstanding. Sex toys will appear much longer than you think.

The earliest sex toy that can be determined so far is a stick made of polished rocks unearthed in Germany and has a history of about 28,000 years ago. Greek women in the 6th century BC already widely used dildos and used olive oil as lubricant.

In China in the 14th century, that is, during the Ming Dynasty, there were already records of "Mr. Horn". This "Mr. Horn" was a dildo that women could tie to their feet for masturbation.

Therefore, the ancients were not as conservative as we thought. On the contrary, they all used their intelligence to please themselves.


2. Only a few people try sex toys?

Wrong, the market and application range of sex toys are very wide, which is beyond your imagination.

Some people may think that sex toys are something very shameful, and only a small number of people will try them, right? But in fact, it's not. Take the most common sex toy massage stick as an example. Historically, in the early 20th century, an American named Hamilton Beach applied for a patent for the first home-use massage stick. By 1917, there were more vibrators in American households than toasters...

In 2009, Debra Herbenick and others from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University conducted a related survey of approximately 2,056 American women aged 18-60 and found that 52.5% of women had used vibrators.
And it’s important to note that women use vibrators not just for masturbation. In this survey, it was found that 37.3% of women used vibrators while having sex with their partners, and 40.9% of women used them during foreplay.
Therefore, the market for sex toys is very broad, not only for single people, but also for a wide range of application scenarios. Its essence is to enhance the sexual experience.


3. Will using sex toys hurt your partner’s self-esteem and replace humans?

Wrong, sex toys and people are not in a hostile relationship. Sex toys do not replace humans, but participate in sex life and enhance the experience of sex life.

Indeed, many people, even women, worry that sex toys, especially vibrators, will replace their partners. There is currently no evidence that vibrators reduce women's desire for a partner.
In the words of American sexologist Joan Price: A vibrator can help you reach orgasm and help you obtain sexual satisfaction, but it cannot replace hugs, kisses and smiles. Can you flirt with a vibrator? ——No, it can only vibrate or shut up.

In fact, many women say that far from replacing a partner, vibrators actually enhance their desire for a partner - once women are sexually stimulated, they want more. Married women account for the majority of users of vibrators.


4. Sex toys have a simple structure and just vibrate, so it doesn’t matter if you buy a cheap one?

Wrong, good sex toys have more modes and a better experience. The most important thing is that the material is safer and harmless to the human body.

Some people think that many sex toys are just an eccentric motor with a plastic shell outside, so there is no need to buy expensive ones? It is true that there are many cheap sex toys on the market, which can be purchased for more than ten dollars, but such sex toys have many shortcomings and hidden dangers.

The shape is ugly, the pattern is single, the material is too hard, not waterproof, etc. More importantly, as something that directly contacts private parts, the workmanship and materials will directly affect your health. Some massage sticks and vibrators made of hard plastic are very poor in terms of materials, workmanship and functions.

In addition, the materials used in some cheap sex toys may contain harmful substances to the human body, causing itching, burning and even rashes. In order to save a few dollars and suffer unspeakable pain in your private parts, I'm afraid it's not worth the gain.

Sex toys should still be considered safe and reputable brands, which are better choices from the perspective of functionality, safety and comfort. Of course, even if it is a reliable and high-quality sex toy, you must remember to clean it in time after use to avoid the growth of bacteria and affect future use.
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