L-Y Sex Tips 101

L-Y Sex Tips 101


"Tongue" is the top tool to make a woman want to stop. It is soft, flexible, moist and hot, and is the best auxiliary to tease her.

Don’t forget that the breasts and inner thighs are the secret bases where women are most likely to fall prey. Being good at using the softness of your tongue to tease key parts in a targeted manner makes it easier to arouse her desire.

The fusion of water and milk created by the aggressive tongue kiss directly melts a woman's heart.



In addition to self-satisfaction and self-understanding, masturbation can also seduce the other person and can also be part of foreplay.

Not only can you masturbate when you are alone, you can also masturbate in front of your partner.

You can set the rules of the game with the other person in advance, take off your clothes in front of her and caress your body, let the other person watch your masturbation, and enjoy the pleasure of being watched.

Of course, you can also let her pose in front of you and appreciate every movement of her masturbation.


If you and she both like to play with nipples, and are interested in various ways to play with nipples, you can try this nipple play.

If you can accept "painful sex", you can use a nipple clamp with a chain to experience painful sexual excitement during the pulling process.

Nipples are called the "sexual bullets" on a woman's chest. They can be tickled with feathers, caressed with ice cubes and massaged with lubricant, which will satisfy both parties.

Outdoor sex

Are you tired of having sex in bed? Do you hate cookie-cutter scenes?

If you feel the same way, then trying a change of scene can be a huge turn on! In addition to experiencing the fresh excitement of sex in the car, you can also explore the outdoors, enjoy passion in an uninhabited land, and ignite your sexual fantasies.


Voyeurism is human nature. You can set up the scene with her and enjoy the excitement of legal voyeurism.

You can spy on her bathing and changing clothes outside the door, you can spy on her masturbating outside the window, or you can secretly use a camera to record intimate scenes with her to achieve the pleasure of spying from different angles. (Both parties must agree)


In an intimate relationship, the stinging sensation caused by whipping can make people experience pleasure.

When the skin is whipped, the peripheral nerves receive a tingling message, and the dense capillaries under the skin are put under pressure and the blood boils.

You can choose tools that won’t hurt people, such as professional BDSM toys: whips/slaps, etc. These tools are moderately powerful and can bring pleasure without hurting people.

Imagine waving a whip to hit her buttocks during sex, just like riding a horse on the grassland, and enjoy the pleasure of riding a horse. The mixed shouting and gasping sounds during whipping can bring you both visual and auditory enjoyment.


If you want to catch your lover off guard, use words in a timely and appropriate way to express your inner feelings.

The most romantic conversations don't necessarily have to be face-to-face. Clever use of the phone can create a unique atmosphere.

Phone calls can be the best foreplay, or they can be the fun afterplay! Before you meet her face to face, call her and tell her your innermost expectations.

You can even boldly tell her that you can't wait any longer, and lead her to have sex on the phone first to warm up your sex in advance.

After making love, you can go to the living room and call her on the phone, and let the reluctant drama create unforgettable memories.

Sexy underwear

The fatal attraction of sexy underwear is to create an extremely seductive foreshadowing for the upcoming sex.

The biggest purpose of the jersey is to improve the combat ability of the warrior! The shirt in sex is undoubtedly sexy underwear.

You can put on a piece of underwear that is difficult to take off (the difficulty will whet your appetite), or you can put on a piece of underwear that can be pulled off quickly, which is full of sexual tension.

You can use your bed as a platform for your desires and give full play to your charm.

Tying up

Sex is a game of conquering and being conquered. Bundling will take the game experience to a higher level!

If you want to experience the feeling of binding and being tied up with each other, ties and pantyhose are the most convenient binding tools around, which can tie her wrists and ankles.

If you want to have a five-flowered bondage and tie it in a variety of positions, then you need a BDSM-specific restraint rope. It is long enough to adapt to your various needs, and the material is comfortable and will not cause injury to the tied person.

If you want to experience the pleasure of completely conquering the other person, you can tie her hands and feet to the edge of the bed. Of course, you can also ask her to tie you to the bed and enjoy the "powerful tenderness" of sex.

Ultimate sex

What do you think when she tells you she wants to have violent sex, or wants to have sex with you in your office?

Maybe you always have vaginal sex, but occasionally want to try anal sex; maybe you also want to try wearing women's underwear?

Alternative sex reveals the hidden thoughts in the subconscious of two people. The excitement of sex sometimes comes from challenging taboos! You need to make sure that each other can accept it, and you have to ensure safety before you can enjoy it.


The massage stick is the best choice for foreplay during sex. There are a dazzling array of massage sticks on the market.

Different shapes and designs can bring different stimulation to women and achieve all-round pleasure. You can serve her with a vibrator; you can also ask her to operate the vibrator herself, while you watch her masturbate in ecstasy.


The collision is enough to make sex more exciting. If you and she both love watching wrestling battles, then set up a game for both of you.

Use your bed as a battlefield (or an open area) and remember to remove items that could tip over, break, or cause injury.

You can have a wrestling ring match with him in your underwear, enjoy the skin-to-skin contact during the collision, and take off the opponent's clothes while wrestling!

If you want to be more exciting, you can apply lubricant on your body to increase the difficulty of the fight. (It is best to lay plastic sheets on the bed and floor to avoid greasy messes that are difficult to clean up).


Do you know your partner’s body? Do you know what each other likes in sex?

How can people who have sex always in the dark detect the stretching of both parties' limbs and changes in facial expressions?

How can a person who is too accustomed to or insists on a certain way of sex in bed understand the feelings of the other person?

How do people who refuse to try again because of past unpleasant experiences understand the joy of other ways of having sex?

Share a private sex profile with her so you both know how you like and want it done. Develop each other's body signals to enhance sexual pleasure.


By using techniques and postures well, you can get deeper into a woman's "secret garden".

Her legs can be raised in the air, and the man can use the missionary position, which is the best way to penetrate the female vagina.

Sex is not about brute force, but skill! Skills are not the purpose of making love, but the means to have a pleasant sexual experience.

Good at using various sexual skills, trying different positions to achieve different effects.

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