Why do girls like to use butt plugs?

Why do girls like to use butt plugs?

Have you ever used a butt plug? When it comes to butt plugs, some women are intolerant, but many women have tried it privately.

A 2015 survey by the American Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that more than one-third of women aged 19-44 have tried anal sex at least once.

In fact, for women, the psychological pleasure brought by using anal plug is greater than the physical pleasure, because girls do not have a prostate.

When women feel pleasure in the sensitive zone of the anal nerve endings, it may be a painful and pleasurable feeling. Why do some people like to use butt plugs or even have anal sex?


--Satisfy the desire to explore

For those who are adventurous and want to explore, the anus can be a very mysterious and interesting area. They want to try this new way of sexual behavior and find new excitement.

Therefore, butt plugs have become an important tool for them to explore unknown stimulation, and also bring a more exciting element to their sex life.


--More exciting pleasure

Most women will feel a sense of fullness and satisfaction when using it, and the muscles around the anus will contract and relax strongly, especially during orgasm, women's feelings will be more intense.

Some people's anus is very sensitive, so touching, rubbing, or having direct anal sex may bring about very intense pleasure.

These pleasures can go beyond traditional masturbation or sex and can feel amazing.


--BDSM scene coordination

Some people like to satisfy their sexual desires through control and dominance, and some people like the feeling of being dominated and conquered, which makes them more excited.

Butt plugs are a great disposable tool, often used in BDSM. Party S plays the role of dominance and control, giving instructions to Party M, using an anal plug to control the other party, so that the other party can obtain sexual pleasure in the process of abuse and conquest.

Through this way of domination, Party S can show his desire for dominance and at the same time satisfy his sexual desire. The dominated party can also obtain extraordinary pleasure in this process.


--Enlarge the anus

If you want to try anal sex, you can first use an anal plug to expand the anus. Let the anus become familiar with the feeling of being expanded, which can help anal sex go smoothly and reduce the pain during anal sex.
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