Sex Toy Security Inspection/Consignment Guide

Sex Toy Security Inspection/Consignment Guide

I believe many people have encountered the problem of sex toys passing through security check. People who often need to go on business or travel want to take sex toys with them when going out. As for toys, can I bring them with me on transportation? Should I check it in or carry it with me? It is still more or less unclear about what you need to pay attention to when passing the security check.

Don’t worry, youngwill will give you some popular science: How sex toys should go through security inspection!

Whether it is a subway, high-speed rail or airplane, most toys can pass through security inspection directly without the risk of opening the box.


Security check precautions

1. During aircraft security inspection, luggage needs to be placed on the X-ray machine for scanning. The shape and color of the items are usually used to determine whether they are dangerous goods. Therefore, although most small toys are safe, some artificial organs (dildos, etc.) and SM (such as handcuffs, shackles, etc.) should be carried with caution as there is a risk of opening the box.

In addition, any items that can detain people, such as handcuffs and legcuffs, will be classified as contraband regardless of the material, even leather handcuffs. If you carry such toys, you can disassemble the handcuffs and place them.

2. During aircraft security inspection, electronic equipment needs to be taken out and inspected separately. It is recommended to put toys in a transparent independent bag, and then put them in a basket with electronic devices such as computers, tablets, power banks, etc. to go through the security inspection machine. It is best to put a label on the bag to describe the items, battery type and battery capacity. It is best to bring a specification sheet with the product battery information.

3. When flying, lubricants and other liquids you carry with you also need to go through security inspection separately. Make sure the volume is less than 3.4oz and be placed in a transparent bag. In addition to the volume, it is also necessary to confirm whether the bottle is marked with flammable and explosive signs.

4. Regardless of whether you carry it with you or check it in, make sure the power of the toy is turned off. If there is a travel lock, lock it directly. If there is no travel lock, it is best to package it separately to avoid accidental touching.

Finally, it is recommended that you bring sex toys similar to daily necessities and children's toys when going out, such as necklace vibrators, makeup brush vibrators, etc.

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