How should I choose between automatic masturbator cup and manual masturbator cup?

How should I choose between automatic masturbator cup and manual masturbator cup?

Compared with manual masturbator cups, the main difference is whether they need to be operated by themselves: manual masturbator cups are generally suitable for novices, are relatively small, easy to master, and can control the speed and frequency according to their own rhythm; while electric masturbator cups are more exciting , equipped with multiple functions such as vibration, voice, thrusting, and hands-free, which can free your hands and bring a better use experience. However, the comparison price is also more expensive, because the structure of the electric masturbator cup is more complicated, and it is equipped with an additional electric device, which can vibrate or rotate, telescope, and place your hands.

So what is the specific function of the electric masturbator cup?

1> Vibration
Vibration is the basic function of electric masturbator cups. Generally, electric masturbator cups have many vibration frequencies and different vibration modes. For example, inductive vibration can emit different vibration modes according to the insertion speed, speed, etc., bringing more Good use experience, training the durability of the penis.
2> Voice
Some electric masturbator cups have a voice function, and users can interact with the masturbator cup. Some intelligent masturbator cups can also emit inductive voice according to your movements, speed, strength, and depth. The interactive experience is closer to real sex. Life.
3> thrusting
Simply put, it simulates sexual intercourse. As long as you insert it, you don’t have to move. You can adjust the speed and frequency. It will feel very exciting when you first experience it, so people with high sensitivity are recommended to start with the manual masturbator cup and gradually progress. .
4> Adsorption
This function actually allows the masturbator cup to have a more complete experience. Some electric masturbator cups have suction cups that can be adsorbed on the wall and adjusted to various angles without having to hold them with hands, giving a better experience.

So is it better to use an electric or manual masturbator cup? How should you choose?

1> From the perspective of use experience, the electric masturbator cup has more functions and can be automatically retracted. It does not need to be held by the hand. It can free your hands during use, is not so tiring, has a better usability, and has many functions compared to the manual masturbator cup. The electric masturbator cup stimulates more and feels better.
2> From a price point of view, the structure of the electric masturbator cup is more complex and the price is more expensive, while the manual masturbator cup is relatively cheaper.

In addition, your own sensitivity should be taken into consideration when choosing. It is recommended for novices to start with a manual masturbator cup. If you are a person with low sensitivity, you can try an electric masturbator cup. Electric masturbator cups and manual masturbator cups each have their own benefits. Everyone's experience of using them is different and varies from person to person, so everyone should buy according to their needs and not blindly follow the trend.

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