How much do you know about the clitoris?

How much do you know about the clitoris?

In fact, women's genitals hide an important secret, which is the clitoris, which is a human organ with the most nerve endings wrapped in the labia and minora.
A recent study found that there are more than 10,000 nerves in the clitoris, which can be said to be the place with the most nerve endings in the human body. So what do all the nerve endings in the clitoris do?

From the perspective of the function of the organ body, it can neither resist viruses like the skin barrier, nor serve the conception like the ovary, and it does not undertake the function of digestion or transportation. Yes, it exists just for fun.
That said, the clitoris serves almost no biological function other than pleasure.
Humans have always seemed to underestimate the clitoris, not only underestimate it, but not see it at all. So what exactly does the clitoris look like? Someone 3D printed it, and a lot of people were taken aback. It turns out that the clitoris is a fully surrounded structure, and the underlying tissue that constitutes the clitoris is the spongy body, which is a kind of erectile tissue.
The whole tissue of the clitoris is much larger than what we think, from the top to the end, the total length is nearly 10 cm, and the glans of the clitoris, which is visible to the naked eye, is just the protruding tissue exposed, like the tip of the iceberg.
The clitoris is divided into the glans and body, the glans being the only visible part of the clitoris. Usually, there is a clitoral hood over or on top of the glans. The hood is formed by the sides of the attached labia minora and varies in size and coverage.
The exposed glans, like a tiny pea, over the vagina and urethra, grows bigger and harder during orgasm, and because it's the most nerve-ridden area on the clitoris, it's extremely sensitive to touch. Therefore, many studies refer to the glans as "the main route of female orgasm".
The head of the clitoris is connected to the body of the clitoris, which surrounds the urethra and extends around the vaginal opening.
However, for many people, the clitoris is too quiet and unfamiliar. We don't know it, let alone find its location accurately, and we can't find the existence of the clitoris from the surrounding of the urethra, vagina, labia majora, and labia minora.
In the first large-scale survey of sexual behavior, sexologist Kinsey interviewed thousands of women and found that most of the women he surveyed had never had a vaginal orgasm.

Many follow-up surveys also pointed out that less than one-third of women can achieve orgasm from traditional penetrative intercourse, and most of the orgasm comes from the clitoris. This is a real shame for both partners and the clitoris, especially since it creates a massive orgasmic gap.
A survey found that women were significantly less likely than men to experience an orgasm during partner sex.
Even the so-called "vaginal orgasm" basically stimulates the clitoris indirectly. But to this day, we still know very little about the clitoris. The clitoris continues to be absent in sexual life, so that women's sexual pleasure is also continuously lost.

Many couples think that orgasm can only be achieved through vaginal intercourse. For example, other sexual acts before vaginal intercourse are called "foreplay". It seems that any other form of sexual stimulation is just for the "main event" of "insertion". Prepare, it seems that only traditional "vaginal intercourse" is serious, just like the faction represented by Freud believes that clitoral orgasm is an immature state, while vaginal orgasm is a mature state.
Sexual ignorance of women, and years of taboo status, are not without consequences.
And this organ that is born for happiness has been ignored by everyone. It can be seen that ignoring "her" is ignoring female sexual desire.

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