Do you know these tips and misunderstandings of sex life?

Do you know these tips and misunderstandings of sex life?

The sex life of men and women is a mediator in life and an important key to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but some people may have misunderstandings about sex life or do not understand the skills of sex life. Youngwill will show you these today.

一, The skills of sex life

1. Cleaning before sexual life
Cleaning is the basic preparation before sex life. Washing secretions and removing other body odors can prevent the other party from feeling uncomfortable or losing interest, and can also reduce the possibility of bacterial infection.

2. Sufficient foreplay time
Foreplay is an important part of sexual life. For example, kissing, caressing, etc. are all indispensable parts of foreplay. Men and women have different foreplay rhythms, so foreplay time requires two people to fully communicate and reach a consensus. Men should be concerned about women's reactions and make adjustments in time.

3. Put your heart and soul into it
Sex requires two people to devote themselves wholeheartedly, and they must not be like a piece of wood, not responding to each other. Saying a few words of encouragement and praise can not only arouse the sexual desire of the sexual partner, but also make the other party more intoxicated. In addition, pay attention to turning off the mobile phone and TV, rejecting external interference, and creating a comfortable and relaxing environment, which can make both of them get involved .

4. Don't force
The process of sex requires the physical and mental involvement and interaction of two people, so it is not advisable to force each other. Sex should be when both parties are in good condition. In addition, the time of sex life should be consistent with both parties. Don't pursue too long time. Long time is not the standard of perfect sex. Fatigue, depression, women's menstrual period and other factors should be avoided.

二, Women's misunderstandings about sex life

Women are often shy about expressing their feelings about sex, whether it be desire, rejection, dissatisfaction, etc.
Remember that liking does not mean debauchery, and rejecting does not mean not loving. Whether it is pretending to be reserved or acting on the spot, it is not a healthy and harmonious married life. Be honest about how you feel about sex so that the other person knows what to do and both can enjoy sex better.
Distorted concept of sex makes women unable to enjoy the pleasure of sex calmly, and also affects getting along with their lover in life. The other side of being ashamed to say no is catering against your will. Obviously unhappy, obviously don't want to, but in order to satisfy her husband, she is afraid that her husband will be unhappy, and even worried that her husband will not be satisfied at home, so she goes outside to seek stimulation, pretends to enjoy, pretends to desire, and pretends to orgasm.
Two healthy and loving people, normally speaking, should be able to experience the joy of physical collision. If you don't enjoy it, it means that there is something wrong with your body, mind or life. At this time, we should analyze and solve problems rationally and objectively to achieve harmony. And hypocritical flattery is to cover up the truth with falsehood. Over time, the problems will accumulate and deepen, and there will always be a day when you can't pretend.

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