Couple's must-have sex toys

Couple's must-have sex toys

For couples, love is deep and natural, and adult products are essential; most of the must-haves for every couple are condoms, because they can protect each other well and avoid more troubles; followed by Sexy lingerie, which can promote the secretion of hormones and bring more atmosphere; the last should be some small toys such as vibrating eggs and training supplies.

Sexy uniforms: When it comes to what to wear to touch a man's heartstrings, sexy lingerie is definitely indispensable; whether it is a couple flirting, or an old couple rekindling their passion, sexy lingerie is an indispensable part. The atmosphere brought by sexy lingerie can be used in all seasons, and it is very attractive to both men and women, so a sexy and provocative sexy lingerie is a must for couples.

Sex toys: (vibrating eggs, vibrators, shared vibrators...) Whether you are a novice or an experienced person, when using a small toy for the first time, it is recommended not to turn on the strong vibration mode at the beginning to avoid discomfort. It is best to apply some lubricating fluid when using it, so as not to hurt the delicate skin! If experienced veterans want to pursue a different feeling and like to use it in public places, then the Vibrator is a better choice, such as in movie theaters, shopping malls, buses... At this time, it is very important to choose silent toys, and you need to be careful. pick.

Training supplies: Can satisfy your novelty to a certain extent! But you need to pay more attention to safety and the feelings of the other party. For example, the leather whip can make people feel different pleasures, and the strength needs to be well controlled to avoid hurting the other party.

In addition to mutual love and trust in the lives of two people, occasional adjustments of taste are needed to make each other's feelings sweeter; of course, a harmonious relationship is based on good communication and interaction, so if you want to use sex toys, you must also get The consent of the other party; at the same time, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully, otherwise some items may cause certain injuries. The majority of lovers should not take pain as happiness every day, and stop using it immediately before consulting a professional if you feel unwell; and clean , Hygiene must be paid attention to.
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