Do you know? There were sex toys in ancient times!

Do you know? There were sex toys in ancient times!

In modern society, sex toys have become a well-known part of sexual health. However, you do know what? In fact, as early as ancient times, people have already begun to develop and use various sex toys. These ancient inventions show human beings' curiosity about sex, and they also reflect human beings' needs for self-pleasure no matter what age.

1. Ancient Egypt: Mysterious Desire Culture
The ancient Egyptian civilization is famous for its mysterious mythology and outstanding architecture, and in this civilization, sex also plays a pivotal role. The ancient Egyptians believed that sex existed not only for procreation, but also for physical and spiritual pleasure. As a result, they created a variety of sex toys, such as ceramic, stone, and wood dildos, that were used to increase sexual interest between couples.

2. Ancient Greece: the cradle of sexual openness
Ancient Greek civilization was the birthplace of Western philosophy, art and science, and sexual openness and liberation were fully embodied here. The ancient Greeks believed that sex was a part of life and should be taken seriously and respected. As a result, they designed a variety of erotic toys, such as phalluses and sex toys made of clay. Moreover, ancient Greek murals and sculptures often depict sexual scenes, which also shows their frank attitude towards sex.

3. Ancient Rome: an era of luxury and desire
Ancient Roman civilization was an era of luxury, and their lifestyles and sexual concepts were quite open. Sex toys were not uncommon in Roman society, and records show that the Romans used phalluses made of various materials, such as glass, copper, silver and metal. In addition, a large number of murals and mosaics depicting sex often appeared in some mansions and baths in ancient Rome, reflecting the Romans' open concept of sex.

4. Ancient China: Exploring the Interest of an Elegant Land
In ancient China, especially in the Tang Dynasty, sex played an important role in literature, art and daily life. Sexual culture in ancient China was regarded as the source of elegance, and sex toys in this period were also quite abundant. Products such as dildos and double-headed dildos made of jade, pottery, bamboo and other materials circulate in the market. In addition, there is also a kind of painting in ancient China called "Spring Palace", which usually depicts sex scenes and is considered to be part of sex education in ancient China.

5. Ancient India: The Book of Desires for Thousand Years
The ancient Indian civilization had a distinctive attitude towards sex, where sexual culture and religion blended together. The most famous sex textbook in India, the Kama Sutra, was written in the 4th century AD. It elaborates on the art and skills of sex, and reflects the respect and admiration for sex in ancient India. In ancient Indian society, sex toys were not uncommon, and they were mainly used to improve the quality of sex life between husband and wife. In addition, Indian temple carvings and murals are also full of sex scenes, which shows the unique understanding of sex in ancient India.

6. Japan: the combination of art and desire
Japan had a unique sexual culture in ancient times, especially in the Edo period (1603-1868), when the concept of sex was relatively open. Sex toys from this period were rich and diverse, such as dildos made of wood, ceramics and metal. At the same time, Japan also has an art form called shunga, which usually depicts sex scenes and is considered a symbol of ancient Japanese sexual culture.
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