How can couples spice up sex?

How can couples spice up sex?

How can couples have better sex? Good sex is not only the pursuit of husband and wife, but also the key point to enhance the relationship between husband and wife. Some people say that sex is the lubricant of the relationship between husband and wife, which is true, but to enjoy good sex, you also need careful planning. The right time and place will make your sexual experience better, so that you can easily get good sex, then How should couples create good sex? .
Today youngwill will take you to reveal the secret together!

一. Good moments add fun to sex

1. under the starry sky
In a romantic setting, let the husband lie on the ground first, and the wife, with her back to her husband, enters from behind. They look at the stars in the sky and enjoy themselves. The bright starry sky, fresh air, and charming scenery will make people appreciate their lover more and have a stronger sexual desire. At this time, we should pay attention to protecting privacy and sexual hygiene.
2. weekend evening
After a week of hard work, the husband and wife duo are exhausted and don't have time to stop and enjoy their world from Monday to Friday. Therefore, couples should make full use of weekends and focus on the life of the couple. With enough time and energy on weekends, couples can change modes, change positions and postures, and have more foreplay, which will leave you with endless aftertaste.
3. bathe together
Hardcore stimulation is the perfect way to relieve the stress of the day, and it's the perfect moment for sex. Study finds: Taking a hot bath together can relax and stimulate libido. But it should be noted that the water temperature should not be too high, it is best not to exceed 40°C, otherwise it will reduce skin sensitivity.
4. Lazy mornings
This period is the best sexual moment. Studies have shown that the morning is the time when the sexual desire of men and women is most consistent. After a night's rest, the secretion of sex hormones in men and women is strong, and their libido is relatively strong. Especially for men, the penis often has morning erections in the morning. After obtaining sexual stimulation, the erection is harder and longer, which will make men more confident about sex.
5. Stormy Night
The rhythm of the storm outside the window and the occasional thunder can serve as a reference for the intensity of the sex. Better to turn off the lights. Ignore vision and the sense of touch becomes very sensitive. The study found that: On rainy days, people are more likely to have a desire for intimacy and become closer to each other emotionally. However, overly exciting sex is not suitable for everyone. Thunderstorm weather, sudden thunder, may scare both parties, and may even cause male ED, do what you can.
6. noon time
Whether it's a lunch break or a casual Sunday afternoon, noontime sex is always memorable. After a deep kiss, everything goes with its own flow. 2-4 pm is the time when men care most about the opposite sex during the day. The Italian study also found that men with high-quality sperm in the afternoon and faster sperm movement are more likely to get pregnant. The sex time at noon should not be too long, it is best to have fast sex, and the overall time should be controlled at about 20 minutes. In addition, if you want to have sex in the afternoon, it is best not to eat too much at noon.
7. midnight car sex
Try different places and situations to add some extra excitement to your sex life. Put on a thermal skirt, sit in the passenger seat with your partner, and enjoy it. You know what two things men love most: adventure and sex. Well the combination of the two is making love in an adventurous place. In addition to the car, you can also choose a balcony, tent, mountain, etc.
8. before work
There's nothing quite like quick sex before a morning meeting. Women save time by wearing short skirts that are convenient for sex. Surveys show that sex before work can help reduce stress, refresh your mind, and increase confidence, but you must rest before sex and allow enough time to avoid worrying about work and not being able to devote yourself wholeheartedly.

二. Bed games add sexual interest

1. Watch porn together
This is a smart and common behavior. In fact, as a chance to learn together or to help overcome a partner's sexual indifference, couples can indeed watch pornographic CDs together (of course, they can't open the window and play it loudly, so as not to be reported, detained and fined).
2. play strip game
Play a stripping game on the bed together, choose a fresh guessing game, the loser will take off a piece of clothing every time he loses, but pay attention to the winner who needs to take off, this can not only arouse people's interest, but also increase the mutual interest of two people. The previous ambiguous atmosphere.
3. Blindfolded hide and seek
In a closed room, one of them is blindfolded, and the other hides. He can hide in any position and can play tricks on the other party from time to time. The blindfolded party needs to touch the designated position of the other party to be considered a winner. Request to let the other party realize (must be a request in sexual life).

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