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Youngwill Transparent Manual Masturbation Cup for Beginner

Youngwill Transparent Manual Masturbation Cup for Beginner

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Product Description

Experience a sensation like never before with the innovative double opening design. This feature ensures maximum pleasure by simulating the sensation of real intimacy. The soft lining combined with a realistic simulation design elevates pleasure to new heights.

The transparent color of the cup adds an enticing visual element to your solo sessions. Watch as every movement is accentuated, heightening the experience and adding a new dimension to self-indulgence. Visual stimulation meets tactile pleasure for a truly immersive encounter.

Immerse yourself in a world of realism with the cup's lifelike simulation design. Every curve, texture, and sensation is meticulously crafted to mimic the real thing, ensuring an experience that feels authentic and satisfying. Get lost in the moment with Youngwill's attention to detail.

Product Specifications

  • Type : Manual Masturbation Cup for Men
  • Brand Name : Youngwill
  • Material : ABS+TPE
  • Product name : Transparent Manual Masturbation Cup for Men
  • Feature : Double opening design;  Soft lining, simulation design
  • Size : 11*7.5cm
  • Color : transparent
  • Waterproof : Daily waterproof
  • Net weight : 295g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This is a really pretty pocket masturbator for men. It feels fantastic! it's quite comfortable in your hand when in use. Easy soap & water clean up. Handy case so pet hair and dust don't get all over it. Don't use silicone based lubricant though, it will shorten the life of your new favorite toy considerably!! Have Fun!


I bought this for my husband as a gift because he is always on the road and I thought it would be nice and come in handy lol get it *pun intended*... anywho, the toy it very soft and squishy. It comes with a hard shell case made for travel. He said it was a little hard in the beginning but now he likes it. I recommend it to others for quick release and pleasure. Would buy again.


This is great for a first time flesh owner. Love the size it’s almost as a “carry on the go”. Very easy to clean as well. If you want a tighter grip just use it without the plastic in the middle. Well done 👍🏼


Easy to use and clean. Gives some interesting sensations when you poke out the other end! It sucks in a good way! My partner likes using it on me, too!