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Youngwill Pulse Telescopic Male Masturbation Cup

Youngwill Pulse Telescopic Male Masturbation Cup

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Product Description

The youngwill pulse telescopic male masturbation device has powerful vibration and telescopic modes, and also has a one-button orgasm mode, so you don't need to adjust the channel, just close your eyes and just enjoy it.

This masturbator brings a higher level of fun and a retractable mode similar to that of a real person, allowing you to have a satisfying adventure.

Removable liner for easy cleaning. 3D simulation structure and super soft and comfortable material make it impossible for you to tell whether the thing in front of you is a real person or a masturbation cup.

With it, nothing is a problem. Don't be satisfied with ordinary pleasures. Break through your imagination and surround your heart in all directions, bringing you a strong sense of satisfaction.

Product Specifications

  • Type : Automatic Masturbator Cup 
  • Brand Name : Youngwill
  • Material : ABS+ TPE+silicone
  • Product name : Pulse Telescopic Male Masturbation Cup
  • Function : 5-frequency telescopic+ 5-frequency vibration+ one-click burst mode
  • Size : 11.3''*3.7''//95*287mm
  • Color : Black
  • Net weight : 810g
  • Gross weight : 975g
  • Waterproof : 100% waterproof

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