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Youngwill-Black Knight Automatic Retractable Masturbation Cup for Men

Youngwill-Black Knight Automatic Retractable Masturbation Cup for Men

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Product Description

Have you been seeking the epitome of satisfaction and stimulation in your solo adventures? Look no further! Youngwill introduces the Black Knight, an automatic retractable masturbation cup designed to elevate your pleasure to unprecedented heights. With its innovative features and discreet design, the Black Knight promises an experience like no other.

7 Vibration Modes
Unleash a symphony of sensations with the Black Knight's seven distinct vibration modes. From gentle pulsations to intense vibrations, tailor your experience to suit your desires.

7 Rotation Modes
Experience a whirlwind of pleasure with seven rotation modes that mimic the sensation of passionate lovemaking. Let the Black Knight transport you to realms of ecstasy with its versatile rotation settings.

7 Thrusting Modes
Indulge in the rhythmic thrusting motions of the Black Knight's seven thrusting modes. Feel the intensity build as this innovative device brings your fantasies to life with its lifelike movements.

Hands-free Design
Immerse yourself fully in the experience with the Black Knight's hands-free design. Simply set it up on its convenient stand and let your fantasies take flight without the hassle of manual stimulation.

With its user-friendly design, the Black Knight offers unparalleled convenience in solo play. Simply select your desired mode and let the device do the rest, leaving you free to focus on your pleasure.

Product Specifications

  • Type : Male Masturbator Cup 
  • Brand Name : Youngwill
  • Material : ABS+ TPE
  • Product name : Black Knight Automatic Retractable Masturbation Cup for Men
  • Function : 7 vibration+7 totation+7 thrusting modes
  • Feature : With stand, hands-free; with display
  • Size : 277*90mm/10.9''*3.54''
  • Color : Black
  • Gross weight : 1.3kg
  • Waterproof : Iife waterproof

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