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Heated Glans Trainer Male Masturbator

Heated Glans Trainer Male Masturbator

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Product Specifications

  • Material : ABS+ TPE
  • Function : Glans stimulation; male masturbation
  • Feature : Can be heated; has UV light for sterilization; soft material
  • Size : 163*78mm/6.4''*3''
  • Color : White
  • Net weight : 310g
  • Waterproof : life waterproof

Product Description

Put your pleasure into overdrive with this upgrade to traditional masturbation: the Youngwill Heated Glans Training Device. Now with its unique glans stimulation, sterilization via UV light, and easy-to-clean construction, you're guaranteed a thrilling session with the ultimate in safety and confidence. Take the wheel and drive your pleasure to the limit. A modern man's must-have!

This innovative heated glans training device is strategically designed to give maximum glans stimulation and satisfaction. Plus, it's heated, UV-sterilized, and waterproof – so all you have to worry about is getting the most out of the experience.This one-of-a-kind cup provides the ultimate in heat-infused pleasure with its UV light for effortless maintenance. Enjoy a stimulating massage with its soft, life-like material and indulge in the convenience of a heated and sterilized session. Top-notch materials make this device resilient and safe while UV light helps ensure proper hygiene.

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