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Cute Furry Ball Anal Plug

Cute Furry Ball Anal Plug

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 Product Specifications

  • Material : Man-made Fibers
  • Function : Anal masturbate;anal stimulation
  • Color : White/balck/red/rose red/purple/blue/deep  purple/pink/gray
  • Ball width: 62mm/2.5inch  Height: 40mm/1.6inch
    Butt plug length: 60mm/2.4inch  Width: 28mm/1.1inch
  • Net weight : 70g
  • Waterproof : Daily waterproof

Product Description

Youngwill's cute fur ball metal butt plug is a new way to play with anal toys. It has multiple colors to choose from, and each different color represents a different mood. The metal butt plug is smooth and round, and the rounded tip design makes it easier to enter. Use it to experience the joy of ice and fire, and with the cute fur ball, the stimulation is doubled. It is an ideal choice for anal dilation and flirting.



About the ball material: A slight smell and hair loss are normal phenomena
Solution: If the cold air from the hair dryer comes out and hair falls, place it in a ventilated place for 1-2 days.
About maintenance: This product is a fur product and cannot be washed. When cleaning, just wipe it with a wet wipe, do not pull hard.

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