What are the benefits of regular sex for older people?

What are the benefits of regular sex for older people?


Sex life is not just for young people. A latest study by American scientists found that the older people get, the more they need sex. A harmonious and happy sex life can promote the secretion of hormones in the human body and keep the mood relaxed and happy. For the elderly, maintaining a moderate sex life is beneficial to physical and mental health, and can alleviate neurasthenia, skin diseases, low back pain, indigestion, insomnia and other common elderly diseases. disease symptoms.

So what are the benefits of maintaining a regular sex life for the elderly?

1. Can prevent prostate diseases

Middle-aged and elderly men are more likely to suffer from prostate disease. In addition to personal bad lifestyle, another point is that as they age, the frequency of sexual life decreases. In fact, a proper sexual life can keep a man's prostate in an excited state and reduce the probability of men suffering from prostate diseases.

2. Reduce the prevalence of gynecological diseases

It is understood that if the elderly can have appropriate sexual life, they can often reduce the prevalence of gynecological diseases. Many elderly women suffer from gynecological diseases, which may be related to endocrine dysfunction. Because of endocrine dysfunction, the pH of the vagina changes, and bacteria, fungi, etc. can easily take advantage of it. Then the probability of women suffering from gynecological diseases will increase. A reasonable sexual life can regulate endocrine function and prevent endocrine dysfunction. disease.

3. Delay aging

During sexual life, the human body produces hormones, which can regulate endocrine, slow down the decline of hormone levels, maintain the stability of the endocrine system, maintain a happy mood, and delay aging.

4. Protect heart function

Some studies show that men who have sex three times a week can reduce the risk of heart disease. If the elderly can have appropriate sexual life, they can protect their heart. Because during sex, a certain amount of energy needs to be consumed, which is equivalent to doing moderate-intensity exercise, which can effectively improve heart function. Moreover, during sexual intercourse, the heart rate will also increase, which can improve the contractility of the heart muscle and effectively prevent heart disease. Regular sexual intercourse can also reduce the risk of stroke in the elderly.

5. Improve the body’s immunity

When older people have regular sex, their bodies will secrete endorphins, which can enhance a person's physique, improve the body's immunity, and reduce the chance of disease.

6. enhance feelings

If the elderly can have appropriate sexual life, they can effectively promote the relationship between each other, because the weakening of the relationship between many elderly couples is related to the lack of normal maintenance of sexual life. In the process of sexual life, the feelings between each other can often be enhanced through intimate movements. This will help elderly couples improve their relationship with each other and maintain family stability and harmony.

However, what needs to be reminded here is that the elderly must avoid excessive stimulation during sexual life. The time and intensity of sexual life should be controlled to avoid inducing diseases such as high blood pressure. If you feel any discomfort during sex, you should stop immediately to avoid losing more than you gain.

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