Various ways to play with butt plugs

Various ways to play with butt plugs

As a sex toy, anal plug can be used by both men and women regardless of gender. It can produce pleasure by inserting it into the rectum, which may bring you joy you can't imagine. For girls, using an anal plug during sex can enhance the stimulation of the G-spot; for boys, anal plugs can well stimulate the prostate and bring about a unique prostate orgasm.

In addition, some anal plugs with unique designs, such as animal tail shapes, can be paired with different costumes and props to add more fun.

The categories of anus toys generally include anal plugs (anal plugs), beads (chain beads) and prostate massagers. Except for the prostate massager, which is a sex toy exclusively for men, the other two types are available to both men and women regardless of gender.

Conventional anal plugs are generally divided into vibrating and non-vibrating types. The round bottom is the base (some bases have a flash function), and the top is inserted. The vibrating model will bring greater stimulation to the anus than the non-vibrating model, and the slow vibration stimulation will allow the anus to enjoy more pleasure.

Lazhu, also called chain beads, looks like a string of candied haws, long and connected by beads. It is also a relatively common anus toy. Unlike anal plugs, chain beads can provide different levels of stimulation in terms of size. Experienced anal plug players will prefer to choose pull beads with vibration function.

The prostate massager is like a "pistol". The curved scale and angle are specially designed according to the position of the male prostate, which can accurately stimulate the prostate and bring extraordinary prostate pleasure. Most prostate massagers have a vibration function.


Different types of anal plug gameplay

1.Anal plug
The anal plug is easy to use, just insert it into the anus. It does not need to go in and out. As long as the anal plug is plugged in, it can produce a certain amount of pleasure. You may feel a strong feeling of defecation when using the plug for the first time. After getting used to it for a period of time, use the anal retractor to tighten the anal plug. Once you are familiar with it, you will like the feeling of being filled and the anal plug vibrating inside.

Beginners are advised to choose the smallest size anal plug, and be sure to use it with lubricant to ensure lubrication and easy entry. After all, the anus cannot secrete liquid on its own.

Anal plugs are also made of a variety of materials, including cooler metal or glass materials, and softer silicone materials. In addition, there are also plush tails added to the end of the anal plug, combined with animal headdresses, to play the role of cute kittens and foxes, etc., which will definitely stimulate your partner's lust and add interest.

Anal plugs can expand the sphincter very well. If you have plans for backcourt sex, you can try anal plugs to expand the sphincter in the early stage to prepare for subsequent sexual intercourse.

2. Lazhu anal plug
How to use the pull-bead anal plug: Use the pull-bead anal plug to slowly put it into the anus one by one, and then slowly pull it out, in and out, and experience the feeling carefully. There will be an uncontrollable excretion feeling.

It is best for novices to choose round beads of similar thickness. Of course, there are also advanced versions. The beads become thicker and thicker from top to bottom or the beads have strange shapes. Every bead entering is a stimulation to the back garden.

The materials of pull beads range from soft rubber, silicone to metal. The hardness of the beads gradually increases, and the fullness and stimulation when pulled out become stronger. In addition, the vibrating beads are also divided into vibrating and non-vibrating. When used, the vibrating beads are similar to anal plugs and prostate massagers. After entering, the vibrating beads slowly start with small vibrations and then twitch back and forth.

3. Prostate massager
Many men don’t know where their prostate is? Insert your fingers into the posterior chamber until the second knuckle, and gently bend your fingers toward the penis. The hard thing you encounter through the intestinal wall is the prostate.

The elbow part of the prostate massager rod is used to stimulate the prostate. Unlike anal plugs, the angle of the prostate massager needs to be adjusted when entering the anus, so that the anus can slowly adapt to the toy. In the early stage, there is no need to manually twitch, and the posterior chamber should be contracted slowly, not too fast, but slowly.
The rod body will be slowly sucked into the back chamber by the body, and the elbow part will strongly squeeze the prostate, which will produce an uncontrollable pleasure. At this time, the anus has adapted, and you can switch to manual or vibration to experience a carnival party brought by the prostate.

Novices may not be used to it. If you relax the back chamber at this time, part of it will fall out on its own. Once you get used to this feeling of excretion, you will have a strong sense of stimulation. Then tighten and relax again, repeating the cycle, without using your hands, and focus on retracting and releasing the posterior court.
Pay attention to the feeling of the anus and prostate, do it slowly and many times, and the uncomfortable feeling will turn into pleasure unconsciously. Prostate toys are high-end toys and should not be used too early.

Prostate toys are mostly made of silicone, and are divided into vibrating and non-vibrating ones, and some also have heating functions.

Finally, it is important to note that condoms and lubricants should be used for any posterior stimulation as this is the most effective way to reduce risk.
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