The best positions for burning fat during sex

The best positions for burning fat during sex

Sex not only allows both men and women to enjoy the ultimate pleasure, but it can also lose weight! Because sex itself is a sport, every different action position exercises your muscles and burns fat in your body. So which positions are the most effective during sexual intercourse? youngwill will take you to reveal the secret...

1. Male on top

More than 90% of couples choose this position during sex. This position stretches, arches, and tenses your body, making it a great workout for your chest, delts, biceps, and triceps. When the woman is lying on her back, she can also stretch her back muscles, arch her body, and tighten her abdominal muscles. During sex, she can also lift her body and kiss her lover's lips or neck. Maintaining this position for half a minute can effectively exercise the waist and abdominal muscles. Dr. Shiv Gaji, a sex expert in New Delhi, said that when a man is on top, his arms and shoulders bear greater pressure, and his elbows and knees maintain balance to the greatest extent, so the muscles are stretched.

2. Female on top

Dr. Gaji said that in this position, women are more likely to reach orgasm, and it can also effectively exercise the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. The woman occupies a dominant position and demands more on her arm muscles. The man can make full use of his biceps and hug the woman to maintain balance. Keeping the woman on top for a certain period of time can exercise the woman's biceps, triceps, forearms and chest muscles to the maximum extent. The man can exercise his waist muscles by lifting his body.

3. Opposite sitting style

Opposite sitting position, that is, a man and a woman sit opposite each other, and the woman wraps her legs around the man's waist. This position effectively stretches the calf muscles. Because both parties need to maintain balance and maintain a stable sitting posture, and also have to complete sexual movements with a certain degree of strength, it places high demands on many muscle groups in the body. Indian sexologist Dr. Pushkar Gupta said that this position is more demanding than the man on top and has better exercise effects.

4. Wall-mounted

The wall standing position is physically demanding for both parties, and this position can effectively exercise the quadriceps (front thigh muscles) and waist muscles. The man's body leans forward slightly, and the woman's back is slightly bent. In addition, in order to maintain a certain height and angle, the thigh and leg muscles of both sides will be stretched. In addition, if the man can hold the woman completely, he will consume more calories.

If you want to effectively burn fat during sex, then come and try these actions!

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