Q&A about prostate orgasms

Q&A about prostate orgasms

There are still some misconceptions about prostate orgasms that some people have, so I'm here to help answer them and hopefully clear them up.

Q1 : Can straight men have prostate orgasms?

A1 : Of course you can, prostate orgasm has nothing to do with sexual orientation, as long as you are a biological male with a built-in prostate gland, you can play it.

Q2 : Is prostate orgasm anal sex?

A2 : No, it's not.

Anal sex involves penetration of the genitals, whereas prostate orgasm only utilizes an object to stimulate the prostate gland. In the case of a prostate massager, the massager is only placed on the prostate gland to stimulate it and does not involve penetration, so you don't need to feel shy or uncomfortable about it at all!

Q3 : Should I choose a water-based or silicone-based lubricant for my prostate?

A3 : Water-based only, water-based only, water-based only!!!!

Silicone lubricants will interact with silicone toys and destroy the surface structure of the toy (countless small holes invisible to the naked eye where bacteria can easily breed). Putting aside the question of whether or not the toy will be damaged, just cleaning the silicone oil/silicone lubricant attached to the toy is not just difficult, it is impossible to wash it off, it will be left behind! It has nothing to do with the consistency, even the lightest silicone lubricant will adhere to silicone toys!

Q4 : Do I need to replenish the lubricant during the process? How often?

A4 : Yes.

Because the vestibule does not secrete a lot of fluid for lubrication and absorbs water-based lubricants, it is necessary to replenish the lubricant. The frequency varies depending on the brand and the absorption rate of different people, but when the user's body starts to feel a little dry, it is necessary to take out the toy and add a little lubricant on it.

Q5 : Can I play with the toy if I have cuts or broken skin on my posterior?

A5 : No. It is not recommended.

Because there is a risk of infection and pain if there is a wound... It is better to play with it when it is healed.

Q6 : Can I achieve prostate orgasm by using toys?

A6 : Not necessarily.

Prostate orgasms are more elusive, unlike penis, you can definitely ejaculate as long as you play with it; on the other hand, prostate orgasms are not guaranteed for everyone, and most people have to try a few more times before they find the right angle or accidentally touch the point that makes you feel sore and numb, which varies from person to person, so there's no guarantee that you will reach it.

Q7 : Since there's no guarantee of a prostate orgasm, should I still try?

A7 : It depends on the individual.

Some people don't try because they feel there is little hope or too much uncertainty, while others will try as long as there is hope that they will achieve something they have never experienced before in their lives. Our Youngwill team's advice is to try a couple of super-exciting airplane cups first and make sure they're good before pursuing the next level of prostate orgasm!


Youngwill Warm Tip: Letting your prostate vibrate while playing with an airplane cup is the best way to break through the solar system!

Q8 : Is there anything I should pay attention to when I play with my prostate?

A8 : Relax, don't rush and don't force yourself.

As I said before, keep patience, try a few more times, relax during the process, don't be too hasty, too strong, because the vestibular nerves are very sensitive, please treat them gently~!

Finally, I wish you all a smooth prostate orgasm, through and through to find your most suitable angle!

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