Did you know about prostate orgasms?

Did you know about prostate orgasms?

Prostate orgasm is a sexual blessing for men, only men have prostate, but do you know about prostate orgasm? Do you know the difference between a prostate orgasm and the thrill of ejaculation? Why do boys feel different when playing in the backyard? Where is the prostate? Let me explain in detail the introductory guide to prostate orgasm!

▼ What is the prostate gland?
The prostate is also known as the prostate gland. It is about the size of a walnut (4x3x2 cm). It is an exocrine gland exclusive to men and surrounds the junction of the bladder neck and the urethra.

► What is the role of the prostate gland?
The prostate secretes prostatic fluid, which helps lubricate the urethra to facilitate the movement of sperm, and has the function of guiding semen to ejaculate. At the same time, prostate fluid is also an indispensable component of semen!
When men are sexually stimulated, they will bleed out a transparent, slightly viscous fluid, which is prostatic fluid! Because the body is stimulated, it is necessary to start preparing for ejaculation, so start to lubricate the runway first (that is, when you are excited about foreplay, don’t you often have fluid flowing out and sticking to your underwear? That is prostatic fluid!)

► Where is the prostate? How is it touched?
The prostate is located at the end of the bladder, the front of the rectum, and at the center of the lower body. If the body is imagined as the earth, the core of the earth is where the prostate is located. It cannot be touched from the outside, only "deep into the center of the earth" can be touched. Some people say that the prostate is the G-spot of boys! If you want to touch it, you have to enter about 5 cm from the backyard, and you will feel a small swollen area, which feels different from the surrounding structure. That is the prostate! The suggestion is to push upwards (the direction of the navel) after entering. If you touch it, the balls will shrink a little momentarily. Many people will have a physiological reaction. After playing for a while, you may start to bleed prostatic fluid (transparent, sticky) Sticky), there is an indescribable refreshing feeling.

► The physical sensation of prostate orgasm
The nerves in the lower body are connected, there is a feeling of soreness and numbness, and there is a sense of cohesion and explosion just before ejaculation! After the prostate orgasm, you will not be particularly tired, but feel that your head has been rearranged and refreshed! You can climax again and again and again and again!

► The difference between prostate orgasm and ejaculatory orgasm
Ejaculatory orgasm is like sitting on a furious god (free fall), climb to the highest point, and rush straight down! It's gone after you get down, want to do it again? Then go wait in line
The prostate orgasm is like a roller coaster. After climbing to the top and jumping down, it will climb again and rush down again! It can be enjoyable many times~ (skip the line)

► Prostate Orgasm Journey
If you want to ride the roller coaster of prostate orgasm, you need to do some preparations, but don't worry, just follow 5 simple steps to easily achieve prostate orgasm:
1. Clean the backyard beforehand.
2. Use the lubricating fluid to gently massage the anus with your fingers, gradually deepening.
3. Spread lubricating liquid evenly on the upper surface of the toy.
4. Slowly put into the back court.
5. Turn on vibration and enjoy.

► Lubrication of anus and toys - only water-based, never silicon-based
The back court does not secrete body fluids to lubricate, so we must first use high-quality lubricating fluid to achieve the lubricating effect. Take an appropriate amount of lubricating fluid with your fingers and gently massage the back court, and gradually deepen it to lubricate the interior together. Action is also another kind of foreplay, please enjoy these processes at the same time ~ choose a high-quality prostate orgasm massager and lubricate the anus, you should also lubricate these toys, remember to evenly apply an appropriate amount of lubricant on the surface of the toy! Otherwise it will really break the skin!

► How to play prostate orgasm?
The location of the prostate is about one to two knuckles where the fingers extend into the back court. It is certainly feasible to massage the prostate with your fingers, but the fingers will become sore after playing for a long time, and at the same time there is no continuous stimulating vibration, and the pleasure cannot be accumulated upwards Therefore, it is recommended to use the prostate vibrating massager to play the prostate! The length design of the prostate massager allows you to find the best vibration area of the prostate easily and effortlessly. It can also do a lot of high-intensity vibration stimulation that can’t be done with fingers alone, and it can be adjusted with different frequencies. The characteristics of wearing can continuously vibrate, enhance pleasure, and experience the coolest prostate orgasm! Since we are all going to play, of course we must choose the best, coolest and safest stimulation method!

▼ Prostate Orgasm Vibration Massager Recommended Ranking
Youngwill has long insisted on choosing easy-to-use, safe, and high-quality sex toys to recommend to everyone. The prostate massager is also a category we have been working on. We have selected several very good prostate massagers from many products to ensure that everyone Shaking cool, shaking high, shaking until the orgasm can't stop!
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There is also a combination prostate massage vibrator and cock ring, so you can enjoy orgasms with your partner!
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After the introduction, I will make a small summary for everyone. The key point of choosing a prostate massager is.
The silicone material should be comfortable and soft enough without rough edges! (You will know how important it is when you use it!)
Strong and delicate vibration! (Let you know how cool the prostate orgasm is!)

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