How to get your partner to use sex toys cooperatively?

How to get your partner to use sex toys cooperatively?

Sex toys are not just a supplement during sex, they are also a good tool to help us soothe our bodies when we are alone. Satisfying one's sexual desires is not a shameful thing. Appropriate use of small toys can not only make sex life more harmonious, but also create more different experiences and pleasures.

However, many people regard sex toys as their enemies and cannot live with them. If you meet such a partner, you should first find out what the other person really thinks. Is he unwilling to use it, or is he embarrassed to use it? Or he has had a bad experience before and is afraid of being replaced by a toy, which is completely unacceptable. As long as he has not had a bad experience or does not agree with his values, this problem can actually be solved through communication.

However, communication requires skills. Since everyone’s personality is different, the communication methods adopted will also be different. Here are 4 communication methods:

Method 1: Direct communication method
Assume that you and your partner can talk about anything, and you won’t feel weird talking about any topic. It’s very easy to solve this problem. It’s very simple. You can bring the topic to toys when chatting on weekdays, and directly find out what the other person thinks about small toys. This is a relatively straightforward way.

Method 2: Insinuate and insinuate
If you want to ask but are embarrassed to ask, and feel a little shy and don’t know how to approach, you can try to understand the other person’s views on small toys by using life situations. (But be careful not to suddenly ask the other person if they have ever used toys with their ex)

Method 3: Observation metaphor
For example, borrow an example of someone else using a small toy, observe their reaction, and ask for their opinion when appropriate. Then turn to yourself and communicate your views.

Method 4: Direct assault method
When you are halfway through having sex with your partner, take out the prepared small toys and use them silently to observe the other person's reaction. Usually it is more difficult to refuse and say no at this time, because it is difficult to suddenly stop when you are halfway through. Even so, it is still possible, and this method should be chosen carefully.

After a preliminary understanding, based on the other person's reaction, if he/she is not very resistant, you can proceed to the next step, leading him/her to understand this knowledge, clarify the purpose and function of sex toys, solve the confusion in the other person's mind, and understand the use of sex toys. It's just an auxiliary tool that can help improve your sexual experience, and it's not a hostile relationship.

Couples using small toys together can enhance their relationship and add sexual pleasure. Understand both parties better, thereby better communicating and cooperating, and enhancing trust and intimacy between each other.
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