Guide to Spice Up Your Sex Life: Keep Your Sex Life Fresh

Guide to Spice Up Your Sex Life: Keep Your Sex Life Fresh

How can sex life be more passionate? Sex is a private topic, but it is also an indispensable part of a couple's life. When a couple lives together for a long time, it is inevitable that they will feel a little boring and lack passion. Over time, this will also affect the relationship between the couple. If you want to keep a couple's relationship lasting or even heating up, you need some fun skills. Adding a little ingenuity to the original skilled bed skills, whether it is foreplay, flirting, or improving sexual experience, will make sex more wonderful. Below, youngwill will take everyone to explore the little secrets to improve the quality of sex life.

Tips for flirting

Flirting is an indispensable regulator in the life of a couple or a couple. Through some words or actions, you can make the other person's thoughts and emotions flutter, and keep your love fresh forever.

1. Stroking the hair, many women say that when a man's fingers inadvertently brush their hair and stay on the scalp, she will feel intoxicated and want to get closer.

2. Kiss the base of the ear. The base of the ear is a sensitive part of a woman's body. No woman can endure such a sexual attack from a man.

3. Staring affectionately and gazing affectionately at each other can increase the transmission of emotions between you, and can greatly improve the interaction and intimacy between you.

4. Loving movements, such as gently sliding your fingers across your lover's back or playing with the hair in front of his eyes, create a warm atmosphere and increase the sense of electric shock for both parties.

5. Be gentle, kiss from light to heavy, touch from shallow to deep, it is best to touch until the other person can't wait.

6. Play hard to get and fully tease her in the foreplay, but don't go directly to the topic. Wait until she can't help but beg you.

7. Touch sensitive areas, kiss and nibble on the nape of the neck, nibble on his earlobe with your lips or massage the earlobe with your fingers, and say some provocative words.

New ways of sex

1. Gently brush the sensitive areas of the body with a brush. In addition to using your body to seduce, you can also use some props, such as a brush, to gently tease her face, ears, pelvis and inner thighs.

2. Simulate the feeling of being drunk. Having sex after drinking is really ecstasy. Buy a double chair and put it in your bedroom. It will be a special feeling to have sex while rocking it.

3. Play a kidnapping game. Use a scarf, shirt, etc. to tie up both hands and feet of one party, and kiss the other party passionately, stimulating the tied party and making the tied party burn with desire.

4. Put on clothes in front of him. After the woman takes a shower, wipe her body in front of him and then put on clothes. Wearing a three-point bra and a sexy see-through nightgown, he can't help but approach her.

keep it fresh

The quality of sexual life greatly affects the relationship between couples. Many couples may become bored with sex as time goes by. If both husband and wife treat sex life with a bored attitude for a long time, this will definitely affect the relationship between the husband and wife. So couples need to find some ways to keep sex fresh.

1. When couples bathe together, they can play small games together, share delicious food, bathe together, clean each other's bodies, appreciate each other, play, and increase sexual passion.

2. Change your style. If you are already very familiar with each other and have no secrets about sex, you might as well try changing your style. If you are shy, you will definitely make him excited.

3. Self-warming. If a woman is already excited before the candlelight, music and red wine dinner, it will be easier to have multiple orgasms during sex.

4. Turning on the lights makes you feel better. You can turn on the lights and keep your eyes open before and after sex. This will help both parties to observe each other's reaction when communicating.

5. Try to explore new sexual techniques. You can use the woman on top, the rear position and the side position, so that the woman can try to be the active party, and it will be easier for both parties to achieve satisfaction.

6. Arouse your partner's sexual desire through all-round intimate contact, including head, hands, legs, feet, etc. You may discover your spouse's sexual sensitive points in an unexpected place, stimulating your partner's greater sexual passion.

7. To enhance the olfactory stimulation of your spouse, appropriately spray a perfume that is not too strong but very warm and attractive to create an ambiguous atmosphere.

Try sex toys

Sex toys are a way of flirting that many adults choose. They have an improvement effect on women suffering from sexual frigidity, men with dysfunction, and couples who have sexual intercourse. They can effectively improve their sexual experience and enhance the relationship between couples. The prerequisite is that you must buy something that suits you. , and the product material meets safety standards. A variety of sex toys are enough for you to choose to add freshness, and each different choice can bring a new experience to your sex life.

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