Does it mean when a girl is wet that she wants to have sex?

Does it mean when a girl is wet that she wants to have sex?

When it comes to a girl's sexual arousal, many people's criterion is "she is wet". This signal seems to indicate that she has entered the state and is ready to have sex with you. Wetness and secretion of love juice are often taken as a sign that a girl's body is ready for sex. However, in fact, this is not a corresponding relationship. Being wet does not necessarily mean that she is ready or that she wants it now.

Let’s first analyze the fact that girls are wet. Girls secrete fluid when they are sexually stimulated. So how is this fluid produced?

There are two key points in producing love fluid:

One is that women are sexually stimulated and produce sexual excitement, which is caused by the brain.
One is that some glands in the vagina are directly stimulated, or receive signals from the brain, so the Bartholin glands, cervical glands, endometrium, vaginal mucosa, etc. begin to secrete love fluid.

This is just like when we sometimes see something delicious or think about something delicious, we will swallow our saliva unconsciously. Therefore, ideally, the best state for real female desire to be aroused should be when the brain and glands are working at the same time.
Similarly, when we are most satisfied when eating, it must be when you really want to eat something and then go through a lot of trouble to finally eat it.

However, sometimes, although you salivate when you see something, you may not necessarily have the desire to eat it.
Because the Bartholin gland, the key organ for girls to secrete love fluid, is located in the vaginal opening of girls. If you touch it, rub it, kiss it, and give it good stimulation, it may secrete love fluid.

And some girls' glands are very sensitive. If you give them a little stimulation, they will secrete liquid. But this does not necessarily mean that the girl's brain has produced a clear sexual desire, and she does not necessarily want it at the moment.
Just like sometimes, if our mouth is accidentally hit, we may drool, but it represents a conditioned reflex or protection, not a desire to eat.

Secondly, although I may be drooling and want to eat it, it does not mean that I must eat it now.
Sometimes, maybe a girl's brain also receives sexual stimulation and generates sexual excitement, and at the same time, the glands in the vagina start to move, giving both feelings. However, she may be thinking about many other things at the same time, such as: I am going to be late for work, the child will be back soon, my mother may come knocking on the door, my body is really too tired, I have more energy than I can afford, etc. While she was thinking about many other things in her mind, she had no intention of continuing to extend and satisfy her desires.
It's like, although I like oranges very much and can eat them now, I'm already full today and I just want to save them for tomorrow. Another situation is that I have been severely educated before, saying that being greedy is a bad behavior, so I am used to restraining my desires and even restraining my saliva secretion.

For some girls, maybe she has had a bad sexual experience, and the result of her desire is guilt and panic instead of pleasure. Then she will want to escape her desire and body reaction, which makes her feel Shameful, and in fact this situation is not uncommon among girls. Many conservative girls never take the initiative to seek sex. A large part of the reason is that they have a sense of shame about enjoying their desires, so they are never willing to face their own desires.
It's like, I like oranges very much, but the oranges I have eaten before are all sour, so that now I am a little afraid to try oranges when I see them.

How wet is a girl when she is ready?

There are also different levels of wetness in girls, and the different degrees of wetness also represent the strength of desire.

Some girls are more sensitive. You may give her a little sexual stimulation and she will become wet. However, this level of wetness is just the beginning and does not mean that she is completely ready to enter sex life. For example, if her desire value is 10 points, then she has only reached 3 points now.
At its core, orgasm is the gradual build-up of desire and physical pleasure leading to a climax. And you immediately accelerate excitedly when she gets wet, just like in a race. You accelerate on the first lap and have no strength to reach the finish line, or you are eliminated early because you ran on the wrong track. .

After analyzing so many reasons, the most important key point is: wetness is just a manifestation of desire. If we judge a girl's physical feeling only by this appearance, it is actually a bit one-sided.

Why do boys often judge that everything is fine and smooth, and my skills are also very good, but in the end they fail to reach the top? The core lies in [desire], which is the basic source of all pleasure. Boys can put themselves in their shoes and think about it: Do you usually have sexual desire because of masturbation, or do you masturbate because you have sexual desire first?

Desire is the prerequisite for all physical pleasure, which is why some people say that the brain is the sexual organ. Sexual pleasure comes from two aspects, one is emotion and desire, the other is body, both of which are indispensable. Moisture is sometimes just a girl's physical reaction. If you want her to be happier, you need to pay more attention to whether her emotions and desires are high during sex, and whether she has entered a state of immersion in sex.

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