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Youngwill Sexy Anal Hook Set with Restraint Gag and Handcuffs

Youngwill Sexy Anal Hook Set with Restraint Gag and Handcuffs

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Product Description

This anal hook sex set includes an anal hook, mouth plug, handcuffs and a waistband to unleash your inner wild desires in all directions. Made from high quality leather for durability and comfort. The single ball anal hook adopts a round ball structure for more intense stimulation. The black leather is low-key and mysterious, and the metal anal hook design is both ice and fire. This is a game about surrender, fully embodying the master-servant relationship, enjoying the feeling of conquering her and experiencing passionate sex.

Exquisite hardware and comfortable materials bring you an irresistible sexy experience, achieving the perfect balance of comfort and excitement.
Put aside all your worries and enjoy the passion this suit brings you.

Product details

  • Type : Sexy Anal Hook Set 
  • Brand Name : Youngwill
  • Product Name : Sexy Anal Hook Set with Restraint Gag and Handcuffs
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Leather+stainless steel
  • Net weight : 346g
  • Product details: anal hook, mouth gag, handcuffs, waist corset

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Customer Reviews

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The collar and cuffs feel sturdy and well made, the chain and spread bar are also pretty sturdy and easy to assemble. I will use the hook personally, but I like how soft the fur on the inside of the collar and cuffs feels.