Why do Women have Strong Sexual Desire during Menstruation?

Why do Women have Strong Sexual Desire during Menstruation?

Have you ever wondered about the mystery behind women’s increased sexual desire during menstruation? In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at what affects your sexual desire during menstruation.


Understanding your menstrual cycle is the first step in uncovering what's behind your high libido. This cycle lasts about 28 days and involves a dance of hormones, with menstruation marking a unique phase. Let’s take a deeper look at the complex effects of hormones.


Hormones: The Catalyst of Desire


Estrogens and androgens are a dynamic combination of hormones that play a key role in influencing sexual desire. Androgens are the most important basis for maintaining female sexual desire. As estrogen levels decrease and androgens increase during menstruation, when androgens prevail, women will feel that their sexual desire is stronger than usual.


So what are the dangers of having sex during menstruation?

1. Extend menstrual period

Sex will make the whole body abnormally excited, causing local organ congestion, increasing menstrual flow and prolonging the menstrual period.


2. Damage to pelvic organs

Men who have sex during menstruation will bring bacteria into local female organs. The environment of menstrual blood is suitable for bacterial growth and reproduction. A large number of bacteria can enter the small blood vessels along the endometrium, causing endometrial infection, damaging pelvic organs, and increasing disease. Gynecological disease risk.


3. Causes endometriosis

During menstrual sex, the sexual impulse causes the uterus to contract continuously, pushing endometrial fragments into the pelvic cavity, which can easily cause endometriosis and even lead to female infertility in severe cases.


Therefore, to control sexual desire during menstruation, you need the understanding and support of both spouses. Couples can distract women from menstrual urges by trying new things and diverting their attention.



Q1: Do all women have strong sexual desire during menstruation?

A1: No, personal experiences are different, and hormonal fluctuations have different effects on women.


Q2: How do couples deal with sexual desire during menstruation?

A2: Open communication, trying alternative activities, and mutual understanding are key.

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