What is vaginismus?

What is vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a psychosexual and physiological disorder syndrome, also known as sexual phobia. It can be said to be one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in women. About 3%-18% of women worldwide have this problem. .

It refers to the involuntary spasm of one-third of the muscles including the superficial perineal transverse muscle, deep transverse muscle and levator ani muscle, as well as the inner thigh muscles when the penis or substitute is inserted into the vagina in anticipation or fact. Contraction and involuntary vaginal tightening, causing sexual intercourse to be painful or impossible. The degree of vaginismus varies greatly. In severe cases, the adductor muscles of the thighs contract spasmodically at the same time, making sexual intercourse impossible; in mild cases, the woman suffers severe pain when the penis is inserted.

Although vaginismus prevents normal sexual intercourse, there is still normal sexual desire and excitement, and there is still a sense of satisfaction and pleasure in sexual life other than sexual intercourse.


What causes vaginismus?

1. Psychological factors

This is the most common reason, such as lack of sexual knowledge, and family education received since childhood with a negative attitude towards sex. Pain during sexual intercourse for the first time, conditioned reflexes induced and formed, as well as exposure to sexual violence, and a history of trauma to the vulva and vagina may all lead to vaginismus.


2. Vaginal organic lesions

In women, infections of the reproductive organs, such as vaginitis, and local inflammation, deformities or tumors can sometimes induce vaginismus, but this is rare.


3. Lack of preparation in advance

Lack of preparation before sex, women are not in the state, vaginal dryness, men are eager to have sex, rough movements lead to pain, and if things go on like this, vaginismus occurs.


4. Improper posture

Improper posture and excessive pressure on the front wall of the vagina, especially the urethra, can cause pain and lead to vaginismus. If such situations occur one after another, it may cause psychological and physiological effects on women, leading to vaginismus during sexual intercourse.

Medically speaking, "vaginismus" is divided into 4 levels according to severity.

The milder grades one and two can be inserted, but it will hurt during the process. These girls can successfully solve the problem through psychological counseling and vaginal dilation exercises.

Some girls who have reached the third or fourth level will raise their buttocks, clamp their legs, or even kick others when trying to penetrate. In this case, they must go to the hospital for help.


What to do if vaginismus occurs suddenly during sex?

When vaginismus occurs, if you rush to stop sexual intercourse, it will be more painful, because the vagina is still contracting at this time. The first aid method at this time is: don't panic, then breathe from the abdomen, take a normal position, raise the legs, and then terminate. Because this position is the same as the birthing position, the vagina can relax naturally.


Vaginismus treatment recommendations

1. If it is due to excessive mental stress and vaginal spasm caused by external stimulation, the patient should relax and overcome the tension. You can listen to some beautiful music to distract your attention, and the symptoms of vaginismus will gradually ease.

2. Improve sexual lifestyle:
Couples do less preparation work before sexual intercourse. If a man acts too hastily, roughly, or forcibly engages in sexual intercourse, it is easy for female patients to suffer from vaginismus. Vaginismus may also occur due to improper posture and excessive pressure on the front wall of the vagina. If this happens, you can fully communicate before starting sexual life. A pleasant sexual life can improve the situation of vaginismus.

3. If vaginismus is severe, you can go to a regular hospital for vaginal dilation treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Use a vaginal dilator through a systematic desensitization therapy to gradually enlarge the diameter and perform progressive muscle relaxation training. Generally, operating in a quiet home is more conducive to recovery. After successful desensitization treatment, it is recommended that women have sex for the first time in the upper position to better grasp the initiative of sex for the first time. The physical treatment is to relieve physical spasms. At the same time, psychological counseling is equally important, because relieving her psychological tension and anxiety and letting her relax are important factors in solving this problem.

Before treatment, the cause must be analyzed and symptomatic treatment must be carried out.
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