The most important things to do after sex!

The most important things to do after sex!

Many people do nothing after sex, or even go to sleep. In fact, these are incorrect. The end of sexual intercourse is not the real end of sex life. The survey found that after sex, 17% of men fell asleep quickly, 9% of men went to take a shower, 32% of men lay down to rest or smoke, 14% of men got up immediately to go to the toilet, and 65% of men would After eating or drinking all this activity, 2% of men are ready to start having sex again. At the same time, a survey by sexual medicine experts also found that men seem to lack the concept of sexual afterplay. Whether in the East or the West, about 40% of men have no communication with their significant other after sex.

The reason why we emphasize the concept of sexual afterplay is because physiologically after male ejaculation, the congestion of the penis weakens within 5-10 seconds and returns to normal within 30 minutes; while women’s sexual response is slower than men’s, and pelvic congestion persists for a long time, usually during sex. It will completely subside within 4-6 hours after the end of life. During the subsidence process, the other party still needs to do some caressing movements to fully obtain sexual satisfaction. If there is no after-sex drama, it will not be conducive to the satisfaction of women's psychological needs and will have a certain impact on the relationship between husband and wife.

So, what can you do after sex?

1. Shower
Many men say that what they most want to do after sex is take a shower with their lover. In the steamy bathroom, they can continue to admire each other's bodies and caress each other. And hot baths can also stimulate blood circulation and relieve fatigue. It can be said to be the best way to continue the ambiguous atmosphere in sexual life.

2. Communication
After making love, many women like to reminisce about the good feelings of the past with their partners, or talk about some topics between the two. Sex experts remind women that it is best to start the conversation by praising your partner's sexual abilities, which will greatly satisfy men and help continue the sexy and warm atmosphere. In addition, the two people can also use this time to communicate about their previous problems, including problems that arise in their sexual life and the desired state of both parties. They can communicate in a timely manner to solve the problems for a better sexual life experience for both of them.

3. Massage
Massage between partners after sex allows them to maintain physical contact and continue to enjoy the wonderful feeling of intimacy. Massage each other to relieve fatigue and feel each other's love. However, women should be careful not to stimulate the man's lower body during massage, mainly to make both parties feel comfortable.

4. Hug
Most women like to hug their partner after sex. They lean on the man's arm or chest and continue to feel the satisfaction of physical contact. Many men have the same needs, which gives them the opportunity to continue to demonstrate their masculine power. This method is most conducive to deepening the relationship between men and women, so give each other more hugs after sex and actively express your love.

It can be seen that after-sex play also plays an important role in sexual life. It not only helps to promote the emotional life of two people, but also helps to make the sexual life more harmonious.
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