Sex Toy Collecting Guide

Sex Toy Collecting Guide

Imagine that when you open the drawer next to your bed, you will see alluring sex toys. What could be more exciting than this? If your only sex toy is a shower head, or if your sex toy collection is small and outdated, you won’t be interested in sex, and you won’t know how to choose the right one for you.

Searching for sex toys directly in an online sex toy store can be intimidating, however. From dildos to vibrators, there are so many new and exciting things out there. But whether you're a newbie or a sex toy enthusiast, this collection guide will help you find your perfect sex toy.

The best sex toys for beginners


  If you want a reliable collection of sex toys, a vibrator is a must. A vibrator will        never let you down. It is at the core of your sexual pleasure. I mean, if you were an ocean, your vibrator toy would be the waves, the core system built on top of everything else!

Whether you buy it to play alone or with a partner, a vibrator is a must-have because it's a gift that keeps on giving. Vibrators come in a variety of power and intensity settings to give you intense and steady orgasms. Whether it’s a clitoral vibrator, a G-spot vibrator or a rabbit vibrator, they can give you a whole new experience.

  Rabbit vibrator

  If you’ve already tried a basic vibrator, the rabbit vibrator is a sex toy you absolutely can’t miss. The rabbit vibrator provides dual stimulation for intense mixed orgasms. The rabbit also vibrates on the clitoris while being inserted into the vagina. Plus, it has a variety of speeds and settings for you to choose from, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the vibrations according to your comfort level.


  The dildo is the most classic sex toy that will never go out of style. Dildos are designed for vaginal and anal stimulation and come in different shapes and sizes, including wearable dildos, ejaculation dildos, double-ended dildos, lifelike dildos and animal dildos to add that extra touch to your sex life fun of. Use your imagination to make every sex experience worth it.

  Anal sex toys

  Use anal sex toys. As with anal dildos, there are other essential sex toys for anal stimulation, such as butt plug vibrators, anal beads, and regular butt plugs. Vibrating anal plugs can stimulate the inside of the anus, and anal beads have a unique shape that can stimulate anal nerve endings. They are generally relatively long, suitable for beginners to progress step by step, and also suitable for anal plug enthusiasts to increase stimulation. Experiment with the possibilities and take control! Take your orgasms to the next level.

  Clitoris sucker

  listen! If you already have dildos and anal beads in your sex toy collection, then you should definitely invest in a clitoral sucking vibrator to add to your sex toy collection. This is a new type of sex toy that can simulate the feeling of being oral sex. It is mainly used to externally stimulate the clitoris, bringing waves of pleasure to your vulva, as if you are actually being sucked by someone's mouth. Due to the high degree of stimulation and strong pleasure, many people can achieve squirting through it, and there are also many One of the sex toys that people can’t put down.

What you should know when collecting sex toys?

Buying sex toys can be exciting and confusing at the same time. It's a bit like Alice falling down the rabbit hole in Wonderland: entering a whole new world, confusing yet exciting.

Here are some things you should also know before you head to your local store or buy one at an online sex toy store.


Yes, size matters! But whether you like big toys, small toys, or something in between, it's all a matter of preference. Size is very important. The right size can allow you to achieve orgasm freedom, but the inappropriate size may cause you to be injured or even avoid sex toys in the future. If you're new to this, a toy that's versatile and not too big is a good choice.

2.Build on your favorite feelings

Maybe you've never used a sex toy, but you love the feeling of your partner scratching your butt. Then choose youngwill’s small silicone anal plug.

If you've always wanted to try dual stimulation, invest in a clitoral vibrator paired with a dildo, or just opt for a rabbit vibrator.

Does your sex play include nipple pinching or spanking? Buy BDSM sex toys to enhance your SM experience.

Once you determine the sensation you prefer, consider the following types of toys:

Insertable sex toys: These sex toys are used to stimulate the vagina and anus. (such as butt plugs, dildos, G-spot rods, etc.).

External: These toys are mainly used to stimulate the clitoris (such as bullet vibrators, clitoral stimulators, and toys designed for men such as airplane cups and penis rings)

Masochistic play: If you love the feeling of being spanked in bed, then impact toys are a must-have sex toy for you. They include whips, spanking whips and paddles. I know this sounds like a medieval dungeon sex toy line, but there are versions for beginners too. Remember to have a good chat with your partner about their guidelines before exploring them.

Restraints: In movies, blindfolds and handcuffs are common during sex scenes. The fun behind them is that you can hand over the power to your partner and vice versa, letting your partner dictate the pleasure you get. This needs to be acceptable to both parties, though, and don’t forget to take your time!

Sensory Play: If you really think about it, we are all a walking bunch of nerves with different pain and pleasure points. Therefore, sex with yourself or your partner does not have to be limited to the genitals. There are also sex toys that target other erogenous zones, such as nipple clamps, as well as feather ticklers, and other essential sex toys for sensitive skin for intense pleasure. You don't have to go to a toy store to buy one, you can improvise with safe, everyday items.

3.Materials are important
Whether you buy an in-body sex toy or not, your new sex toy will come into contact with sensitive parts of your body. Therefore, when purchasing sex toys, it is very important to choose materials that are safe and harmless to the body. Tips: The safest material is silicone.

lubricating oil
The lube is amazing! It relieves stress on your body, allows you to become an endless producer of fluids, and prevents unnecessary damage from friction during toy use.

If you’re ready to add a new character to your sex toy collection, the above list is the best guide!

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