How do Women Control the Duration of Sex?

How do Women Control the Duration of Sex?

Many girls say that boys control the duration of sex, which is unfair to girls.

Why do they say that? Because every sex session ends with the boy ejaculating, and the time the boy can last is the standard.

It ends before women even get into the mood, or it ends before girls are still interested. Or maybe the girl is exhausted, but the boy has no intention of ending. As a result, girls are more passive in controlling the duration of sex.

So is there any way to control the duration of sex for boys and let girls take the lead?

Of course!

Moreover, controlling the duration of your boyfriend at will is simply a must-have skill for advanced players.


What determines the duration for boys?

If you want to control its duration, you must first find out what determines its duration?

01. Basic excitement level

Have you ever had such an experience?

The two people hadn't seen each other for a long time and finally got together. Unexpectedly, he lasted less than 2 minutes and it was over.

This situation is caused by basic excitement.

In daily life, even if we are not affected by external sexual stimulation, our brain sexual center maintains a certain level of sexual excitement.

This is what we call "basic excitement". You can simply understand it as a kind of "sexual impulse energy" in humans.

If there is no sex life for a long time, the basic excitement will gradually accumulate. When it accumulates to a certain level, a state of "excitement" or "hungry" will appear.

Moreover, the brain is the most important sexual organ in the human body. When the sexual excitement becomes high enough, once sexual stimulation is encountered, the brain will be ignited by a flame, triggering the ejaculation response.

02. Threshold problem

The threshold problem is simply the brain's response to sexual stimulation.

For example, if your boyfriend is an inexperienced little puppy, and he loves you very much in his heart, then your sultry look will be a great sexual stimulus to him.

Then his sex time will be shorter.

But if he is a seasoned veteran, he has already been exposed to various types of girls.

Simple hugs, kisses and even normal foreplay are all accustomed to him, so his sex life will be relatively long.

Of course, just because he hasn't cum for a long time doesn't necessarily mean he's a scumbag.

For example, a boy has no sexual experience before, but he likes to masturbate vigorously with his hands.

When the penis receives a high grip from the hand, it has become accustomed to this intensity.
The intensity of the sexual life is relatively small for him, and the ejaculation time will naturally become longer.

03. Intensity of external stimulation

Corresponding to the threshold problem is the intensity of external stimulation, which has some relativistic relationship with the threshold to some extent.

During sex, a man’s sexual response process is as follows:

Each sense organ receives different sexual stimulation signals
Sexual organs react (congestive erection)
Sexual stimulation continues to accumulate

When the brain's sexual excitement level exceeds the "individual's" maximum tolerated stimulation intensity
Valve opens
Ejaculation is over.

Sexual stimulation refers to the "sexual stimulation signals" that can be received by all the sensory organs of the human body (vision, hearing, smell, touch, and even hallucinations from the brain).

for example:

  • ·Visual stimulation includes: sexy outfits, graceful and seductive nudes, and happy and excited expressions.
  • · Auditory stimulation includes: making uncontrollable screams and moans, or saying words that can tease and arouse men's excitement.
  • · Olfactory stimulation includes: the smell of perfume, or the body exudes a unique body fragrance that can easily stimulate sexual desire.
  • · Tactile stimulation includes: intimate contact with a woman's smooth skin, or the pleasure produced by friction stimulation when sexual organs are closely combined.
  • · Hallucination stimulation includes: sexual fantasies, sexual expectations and other psychological activities generated by the brain for the upcoming sex.

When a person's body gets used to a certain intensity of sexual stimulation and develops a threshold for it, then his sex time will be relatively longer.

For example, you are already an old couple, each is familiar with each other's sensitive points, and you can even summarize a fixed process for your sex life.

Over time, each other's bodies will develop a certain intensity threshold for this process.
This kind of stimulation is no longer enough to make him excited, so his time will become longer and longer.


How to control its duration?

By understanding the reasons behind a boy’s duration, we have actually obtained the key to controlling his duration.


01. What should I do if the time is too short?

First of all, we need to rule out what is causing it. If there is only an occasional abnormal performance, don't worry at all. It may be because his body is too tired, or he hasn't seen you for a long time, and his basic excitement level is too high. You can refer to this method.

If this happens frequently, you should check whether there is premature ejaculation and go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

For short-time solutions, we must first remember the word "slow".

Start with foreplay, slow down the pace, and watch how he reacts.
For example, when stroking him, slide your hand slowly and watch his reaction.
If he appears extremely excited, stop for a while to give him a buffer time, which can be an effective delay.

Try to slow down the main scene as much as possible and observe his breathing. If his breathing becomes heavy, slow down the speed and intensity of your rhythm.

Both boys and girls need constant contact and a certain degree of sexual stimulation to reach climax.

If he has reached the critical point, but you slow down the pace and the intensity of stimulation at this time, then his desire to break through the critical point will fade away like the tide.

When the level of excitement decreases, he speeds up again and strengthens the rhythm. His tolerance level will increase instead, and he can persist longer than before.

02. What should I do if the time is too long?

The first method: abstain from sex for a period of time to increase basic excitement.

The basic excitement level can be accumulated. If he lasts too long and you can’t stand it, you can abstain from sex for a period of time.
However, during this period of abstinence, you can kiss, hug, touch, even foreplay, and do some borderline sex.
But if you don't go to the last step (and don't let him masturbate himself), let him ignite his desire in these marginal sexual behaviors but not be released, and accumulate the basic excitement faster.
When abstinence ends, your boyfriend becomes a dynamite that can be ignited at any time. A small spark from you is enough to detonate him.

The second method: extend the foreplay.

Boys are always in a hurry to get into the action when having sex. In fact, some boys' bodies have not yet entered the state. After entering the main scene, it will take a while to reach the state of accumulation of sexual stimulation.

Therefore, increase the time of foreplay to allow both bodies to enter a "ready to go" state.

When his body and brain are sufficiently excited by your foreplay, you can not only enjoy an evenly matched sex. You can also put all your enthusiasm and expectations into this sex, turning it into a more intense passion.

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