12 Ways to Orgasm Every Girl Should Know

12 Ways to Orgasm Every Girl Should Know

When a girl orgasms, the body releases a happy hormone called oxytocin, often referred to as the "love hormone," which can help reduce stress, relax, and even lower blood pressure. A 2006 study found that about 39 percent of women masturbate to relax.
Compared with men's orgasms, women's orgasms are much more complicated and mysterious. So far, 12 kinds of girls' orgasms have been discovered. Let's take a look at which ones you have experienced~

1. Clitoral (C-spot) orgasm
The clitoris is also called the C point, and C is the first letter of Clitoris. This is the most common and easiest to achieve orgasm among women, with more than 90% of women achieving orgasm from clitoris stimulation. The clitoris is located outside the body, so it is stimulated without entering the vagina, so it is also the first choice for many women's first sexual experience.
2. U point orgasm
Also known as urethral orgasm, the U point is the small area between the urethral opening and the vaginal opening. When you put your finger into the vagina and touch a slightly raised rough area above the vaginal wall, this is U. point.
However, U-point orgasm is easy to be confused with clitoral orgasm, because when you stimulate the small piece of sensitive tissue between the vagina and the clitoris and around the urethral opening, it is easy to stimulate the clitoris at the same time, so it is difficult to tell who caused it orgasms, or a mixture of both.
3. G-spot orgasm
The legendary and mysterious G-spot is actually a small area rich in nerves above the front wall of the vagina. Its specific location is 3.5-4 cm near the vaginal opening on the front wall of the vagina. The texture is slightly different, and it feels a little soft and curved.
Generally speaking, it is difficult for a boy's penis to touch the G-spot unless the shape is upturned and the size is in place. Or you can choose to use your fingers as a switch to turn on the G-spot. The correct posture is to insert the middle finger and index finger and turn up.
4. Point A orgasm
Point A, located behind the G point, is also a sensitive area on the vaginal wall, about the size of a soybean grain. Point A is the deepest point among the four points, near the cervix and a little distance from the cervix.
A doctor in Malaysia conducted research on 271 women for 4 years, and found that as long as point A is found, their sexual desire will be aroused in just 5 to 10 seconds, and they will become moist immediately. "The G-spot is definitely not as exciting as the A-spot. The reason why the A-spot was ignored in the past is because it is more secretive than the G-spot. When the vagina is not fully excited, the A-spot is very inconspicuous and difficult to touch. Only after the G point is stimulated for a period of time, the deeper A point will pop out. The discovery of A point has brought our sex to a higher level."
5. Hybrid orgasms
Hybrid orgasms can be achieved when more than one sensitive area of the body is stimulated at the same time during more intense sex.
The female clitoris is mainly supported by the pudendal nerve, the vagina is mainly supported by the pelvic nerve, and the cervix is mainly supported by the hypogastric nerve, pelvic nerve and vagus nerve. Stimulating any one area alone may give you an orgasm, but if you stimulate all three at the same time, you will get a "hybrid orgasm" that is detonated.
6. Multiple orgasms
Multiple orgasms refer to the sexual arousal peak of one orgasm before the next orgasm begins.
It can be discontinuous (with a distinct gap between two orgasms) or continuous (the interval between two orgasms is so short that the experience feels like one long orgasm), like a full release During the marathon, the excessive secretion of oxytocin gradually filled the whole brain.
7. Anal orgasm
Some girls can achieve orgasm during anal sex, and some people think that girls' anal orgasm is purely psychological pleasure, after all, unlike boys have prostate. However, the anal wall is rich in nerve endings and surrounded by sensitive areas. With the right stimulation and careful development, an orgasm is possible. But be sure to communicate well in advance and prepare for cleaning and lubrication.
8. Sleep orgasms
The same brain regions that are activated during physical contact can also be activated during sleep and during periods of undivided attention, mobilizing the same physiological responses that we experience when we are awake, which means that women can experience Orgasm in sleep.
In general, sleep orgasms are more likely to occur at night when you're tired and sex is on your mind before bed. In your sleep, your heart is at its most relaxed, your mind is free to imagine, and your sexual fantasies don't feel hindered, which will leave you extremely pleasurable, eventually reaching an orgasm, and even waking up with a start.
9. Cervical orgasm
It's one of the most powerful orgasms a woman can have, and it's also called a full-body orgasm, and when it comes, pleasure is said to cascade down from head to toe. Cervical orgasm requires deep penetration to stimulate the cervix (the size of the male penis becomes a hard condition), and it is easier to do it with rear penetration.
However, it varies from person to person. Only a small number of girls can experience cervical orgasm. Some people have a more sensitive cervix, so it is not easy to experience it, and it may have the opposite effect.
10. Nipple orgasm
The breasts are also an important sensitive area, and stroking, massaging or sucking on the nipples can also trigger the release of oxytocin. To get a nipple orgasm, the right way to do it is the key.
One possible way is to stimulate the breast and surrounding area first to arouse the response, and do not touch the areola or nipple until the peak of strong sexual arousal. When you feel sexually aroused, concentrated stimulation of the areola and nipples with your fingers... will open you up to a whole new world.
11. Core Orgasm
The core here refers to the core muscles. It can literally be seen that this is an orgasm that can only be achieved during exercise. In 1953, the famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey first mentioned this kind of orgasm. It often happens when you exercise your core muscles, enough blood rushes into the pleasure zone, and you experience a small orgasm.
The core muscles refer to the important muscle groups located in the front and back of the abdomen that surround the body and are responsible for protecting the stability of the spine. They are mainly composed of the rectus abdominus, obliques, lower back and erector spinae.
Classical movements such as squats, push-ups, handstands, sit-ups, and planks can effectively exercise the core muscles, so some girls may be surprised to experience a wave of shocks around the lower abdomen when they exercise in the gym. A subtle orgasm, like a warm current.
12.ESR(Expanded Sexual Response)
Women who have experienced ESR (Expanded Sexual Response) can have multiple, long-term, intense orgasms. The researchers believe that ESR is caused by simultaneous activation of the pudendal, pelvic, hypogastric, and vagal nerves. In a survey, 47 women who experienced ESR described 72 subjective feelings during orgasm, including: depersonalization, out-of-body near-death experience, flying, ecstasy, exploding sensation, shaking, earthquake in progress Feelings, floods, blood gushes, blessings, tremors, intense love, unreal, surreal, supernatural, seeing flickering lights/flickering colors/geometric shapes/numbers, physical and spiritual warmth, loss of control, flow , mysterious experiences, and even the great unification of the universe... Although the mechanism has not been clarified yet, this mode is simply the existence of a great god!

There are many ways for women to get pleasure, so girls should know how to love themselves, have a positive sexual concept, and face up to their desires.
Orgasm is a kind of gain that comes with enjoying sexual pleasure, so you don't have to pay too much attention to whether you have a certain kind of orgasm. As long as the process is exciting enough, you don’t need to care about the result~

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