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Youngwill--APP Control Egg Vibrators

Youngwill--APP Control Egg Vibrators

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Product Description

APP Control Egg Vibrators redefine pleasure by incorporating cutting-edge technology into the very fabric of sensual experiences.

APP control adds a layer of sophistication to vibrator experiences. Navigate through settings with the touch of your fingertips, customizing sensations to suit your desires. This technological elevation creates an emotional connection, turning each encounter with APP Control Egg Vibrators into a journey of heightened pleasure.
From customizable intensity to interactive patterns, these vibrators offer a spectrum of sensations. Experience the emotional allure as you explore the diverse settings, creating a personalized journey of pleasure.

It's not just about vibrations; it's about the emotional connection fostered by technological bliss. APP Control Egg Vibrators become more than devices; they become companions in your journey of intimacy. Discover the emotional resonance that arises when pleasure meets advanced technology.

Product Specifications

  • Type : APP Control Egg Vibrators
  • Brand Name : Youngwill
  • Material : Silicone+ABS
  • Noise : < 50dbs
  • Function : 9 vibration modes
  • Feature : remote control
  • Size : 183mm * 32mm/7.2‘’*1.26‘’
  • Color : Rose red
  • Net weight : 87g
  • Waterproof : IPX6
  • Charging method : DC magnetic charging

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amelie Abshire

Very good quality and easy to connect to my smartphone. There are so many interesting functions in this APP. I expect to play it with my husband.