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Youngwill-Automatic Telescopic Pronounceable Masturbator Cup

Youngwill-Automatic Telescopic Pronounceable Masturbator Cup

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Product Description

The Youngwill Masturbator Cup boasts a design that pushes boundaries and ignites curiosity. Crafted with precision, its sleek and ergonomic form fits perfectly in your hand, offering a comfortable grip for uninterrupted pleasure sessions. The black exterior exudes sophistication, while the compact size makes it travel-friendly, ensuring you can indulge in pleasure wherever you go.

Experience pleasure like never before with the Youngwill Masturbator Cup's 4CM of powerful telescopic vibration. The advanced motor delivers precise vibrations, allowing you to customize your experience and discover new heights of ecstasy with each use.

Prepare to be captivated by the enhanced stimulation offered by the Youngwill Masturbator Cup. The unique design targets key pleasure points, ensuring maximum satisfaction with every thrust and movement.

Product Specifications

  • Type : Male Masturbator Cup 
  • Brand Name : Youngwill
  • Material : ABS+TPE
  • Product name : Automatic Telescopic Pronounceable Masturbator Cup
  • Function : Telescopic &  pronounceable;Built-in 4CM telescopic vibration
  • Size : 275*93mm/10.82‘’*3.66‘’
  • Color : Black
  • Net weight : 765g
  • Gross weight : 980g
  • Accessories: charging cable, headphones, manual

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