The importance of language communication in sexual life

The importance of language communication in sexual life

Language communication is one of the important forms of communication in sexual life. Language includes not only the words spoken, but also the timbre, pitch and volume when speaking. For example, when people speak, the vibrations in the voice can express emotions. In sexual life, by conveying sexual requirements to the other party or responding to the sexual requirements of the other party, general emotional communication can be upgraded to rational understanding.

Human sex is different from sex in the animal kingdom. Its important basis is emotional communication through language communication. The use of language in sexual intercourse often has a variety of characteristics, the most significant of which is stimulating sexual excitement.

Moaning has an aphrodisiac effect

When sexual excitement and orgasm occur, the moans of both men and women have the effect of promoting sexual excitement, especially for men, women's moans are irresistible.
Example from a certain survey: A 28-year-old man said: When I have sex with my wife, I hear my wife screaming. The more she screams, the more excited I am, because her screams make me feel I did some things that made her happy, and I felt very accomplished; another 30-year-old man said that his wife’s moans during orgasm were very tempting and even made him orgasm.

During sexual foreplay, a man's verbal stimulation plays a very important role in a woman's sexual excitement; during sexual intercourse, a woman's voice stimulates a man's sexual feelings and catalyzes his sexual excitement.
Although women's moans during sex are different, the language of their moans is similar, such as "hurry up", "can't stand it anymore", "don't stop", etc. These are the keys to stimulating male sexual excitement.

Medically speaking, the reason why women moan during sexual excitement is that breathing and heart rate are accelerated, and the central nervous system is excited, leading to increased blood pressure and accelerated aerobic metabolism. At this time, the number of breaths can reach 40 times/min, the heart rate can increase to 120 times/min, and the number of individual breaths can reach 150/min-160 times/min. Due to the decrease in oxygen content in the blood, women will fall into a state of slight hypoxia, accelerate breathing disorders, and naturally make a muffled sound unique to orgasm.
At the same time, due to the increase in excitatory substances in women's brains, women will make unimaginable sounds.

Quite a few men hold a happy attitude towards women's moans and regard the size of the sound as a criterion for judging a woman's sexual excitement. There are very few men who don't like women's moans.

In real life, some women with severe sexual repression will consciously control their sexual feelings. Affected by traditional concepts, they will not make a sound during sex, nor will they communicate their sexual experiences with each other, let alone put forward their own sexual requirements. , it is difficult for these women to truly enjoy the joy of sex. Verbal communication is indispensable in sexual life. It is not only conducive to the harmony of sexual life, but also has a positive impact on the sexual life experience and feelings of two people. Therefore, in sexual life, actively express your feelings, make sexual demands, and affirm the other person's sexual desire effort is important.

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