What are the dangers of overindulgence?

What are the dangers of overindulgence?

Maintaining a regular sex life is good for your health, and the frequency of sex should be determined according to each person's physical condition, age and other factors. Generally speaking, as age increases, the frequency of sex will decrease. The simple criterion is that it does not affect your life and work the next day.

If sexual life is too frequent, it will not only affect the quality of sexual life, but also cause harm to the physical health of both husband and wife. Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to control and must not overindulge. Below youngwill will take you through the problems caused by excessive indulgence.

What are the consequences of long-term overindulgence?

1. It will cause physical deterioration
Excessive indulgence will cause excessive leakage of essence in the body, leading to symptoms of general discomfort such as backache and leg weakness, tinnitus, reduced body resistance to disease, low immunity, and easy induction of other diseases.

2. Premature decline of sexual function
Due to the continuous and frequent occurrence of sexual behavior, both men and women will increase the burden on the sexual control nerve center and sexual organs. In this way, the sexual organs will be overwhelmed in the long run, which will lead to premature decline of sexual function.

3. Affect the quality of sexual life
If you have multiple sexual intercourses on the same day, it is very likely that your sexual experience will be affected due to lack of energy, your satisfaction will continue to decline, your sexual life quality will be affected, and you may even become bored, affecting your relationship and future sexual life.

4. Cause sexual dysfunction
When sexual intercourse is too frequent, men's ejaculation time will be prolonged. It may even be that the time is too long and the physical strength is too low to ejaculate normally. In the long run, it may cause problems such as non-ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Frequent sexual intercourse for men may lead to sexual dysfunction such as impotence and inability to ejaculate.

5. Lower the chance of pregnancy
Due to frequent sexual intercourse, male ejaculation intervals are short, semen becomes thinner, and sperm quality decreases. Over time, this will increase the chance of infertility.

6. Aggravate symptoms of back strain
Men who have frequent and repeated sexual intercourse can easily induce diseases such as prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis, which will not only cause perineal discomfort, but also symptoms of backache and even hematospermia. If women have frequent and repeated sexual intercourse, their sexual organs will be in a congested state, inducing pelvic congestion, resulting in discomfort such as backache.

7. Muscle soreness
Couples who have overindulged for a long time often have symptoms of muscle soreness, and the pain lasts for a long time. It is also accompanied by general symptoms of weakness such as dizziness, shortness of heart and shortness of breath.

Long-term overindulgence has only disadvantages but no benefits. Although sex has its benefits, don't be greedy and know how to control it. Only regular sex is good for your health. Therefore, in daily life, we must be careful not to have frequent sex in a short period of time or indulge in excessive sexual desire, otherwise irreversible damage will occur.

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